Say something positive about non-costume S1 heroes

Non costume S1 hero will never be nerf


W3K has truly breathed new life into them.

Iā€™m still trying to think of something positive to say about them. I really am. But I canā€™t think of anything positive yet.

Leo gets a lot of random disdain but I agree heā€™s solid and still useful even against these OP mofos.

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If you see something, say somethingā€¦positive.

I just got my azz handed to me by a joon +19 in a raidā€¦heā€™s still amazing

You said it sis !!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Something good to say it is not enough for Obakan second costumeā€¦ it is excellentā€¦ :star_struck: oh look at last hero hereā€¦ she looking beautifullā€¦ she is Domitiaā€¦Forum challenge. **Show your hero!**

S1 heroes still form a big part of my roster, and half are non-costume. Joon, Vivica, Magni, Marjana, Kadilen, all find lots of use un-costumed in wars and raids. I have two maxed +18 Joon. Lianna, Sartana, Isarnia, I have the costumes but prefer the base version.

It all depends on your level and expectations in the game. For many of us we canā€™t afford to look down on the S1ā€™s.


I still find some of their special skills very useful or dangerous, like Lianna, Kadilen or Vivica. Though slow, Vivica was my only 5* healer for a very long time.

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They are still useful for depth - I use them in lower Ninja/Magic tower floors to conserve my key heroes for later!

3*s can be eaten for roster space. thatā€™s positive :slight_smile:
nowadays, 15x3s per color is enough

They are quiet easy to get through TC20, and their soul worth same as any other hero for soul exchange

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