Say something positive about non-costume S1 heroes

I’m sure they are all very nice people.

They offer great support to my Lord Loki and mean I can field six decent war teams.

We don’t all have all the shiny new heroes and non costumed S1 can still do the job with the right teammates.


Still love some of my classic S1 heroes, even if they don’t get used as much as they used to.

Sartana was a monster for my team. Domitia’s dispel ability is still useful.
Vivica is still one of my favourite healers.
Magni always helped out his sis Sartana. Isarnia’s 6 turn def down is still difficult to beat.
Lianna had such a high body count. Just an outright killer with the right support and still is.
Marjana with her quick burn and pirate looks still sees a run out from time to time and Azlar after Isarnia still means the battle is pretty much won.

S1 one heroes may have been surpassed but they shall not be forgotten by me and I still dust them off for a battle from time to time. Classic heroes still have some class…

Happy Gaming :sunglasses:


My favorite mono team is red which includes Elena. Love the enemies crushing themselves on counterattack as well as the damage she does. I have Zagrog coming though the ranks but still like her over him. Lianna and Vivica are also on my Defense team and use them all the time.

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So I just finished Viv (no costume) and even without emblems yet she easily moves to the top spot in my non-costumed five stars. Meanwhile, the snipers have been falling hard. I recently stripped emblems from Marjana and I’ll probably reset Sartana soon just to get the last few nodes on Russell (yes, Russell!). The four star healers all continue to be useful as well which makes me think that the game has shifted more on the damage dealing side than the healing side. Healers all seem to be relevant longer…


Non-costume S1 5* heroes make great feeders for the good heroes.

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I think this may be due to traditional healing being tied to the hero being healed (% of their total health), so healing a new, fancy, high hp hero will provide more health than healing Dawa. I wonder if Viv will outlast Heimdall or other healers who give a set amount of HP…

They’re readily available in TC20, at whatever obscenely low pull rate…

Even if you are a whale, you are still happy if you pull S1 5* (it’s better than usual 3*).

Panther had a steady diet of Quintuses (Quentusi?) to get to 4-80.



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Would say that quince is a peach…but more like a pear.

I disagree with that. I get more annoyed when pulling a useless 5s. It just feels like wasted luck to me. Most pulls I expect a 3s but then you pull a season one five star which has similar odds as getting an event hero it just feels like a kick to the privates.

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There is no thing like “wasted luck”, because you wouldn’t get event 5* from this pull even if you would get 1* hero.

Let me explain this on example:
You see 10 boxes. You are forced to choose one.
8 of them have bomb inside, that will kill you if you open it.
1 of them have 1 million dollars.
1 of them is empty.

You have chosen box, it’s empty. You should feel like you wasted luck, because there is no money or feel lucky because you are alive?

Maybe try to think this way:
Game is chosing first if you get event or regular hero. After this how much stars.
So, getting regular 5* is lucky, because your other options were regular 4* and 3*, NOT event ones - game decided earlier you will get standard hero, not event.

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Yeah i know how it works but if you have 98 crap sandwiches, 1 deluxe crap sandwhich, and 1 deluxe cheese burger to pull from and you get the duluxe crap sandwich you can’t help to think to yourself “hey I had same chance to get the deluxe cheeseburger as the deluxe crap sandwich and I ended up the deluxe crap sandwich.”

You haven’t experienced a cheeseburger until you have had the flavors of 5 Guys explode in your mouth.


That all of the costumes are released

I still have joon full emblemed and kadilen will remain so cause apparently the game is mocking me on yellow and green

Azlar - a staple for me on green titans. He has the second highest attack stat for reds in my roster. Barbarian class’ bleed is good for titans too.

Isa - a staple for me on red titans. Nice defence down and high attack stat. A big help on my very fast war defence, and handy for upper flours of Ninja Tower.

Vivica - a staple for me on purple titans. Cleanses the poison and helps my team survive against those pesky 14* titans. Cleric class helps resist mana ailments.

Non Costume Season 1 Legendary heros that we already ascended are still valuable for event towers and war cleanups. Stripped Horghall with mana troop 30 never fails and sitll rocks the cleanups!!!