Say something positive about non-costume S1 heroes

S1 Snipers are still at least ok if not still realy good. I have over 40 maxed 5* and still using Magni, Marjana or Lianna (unfortunetly I didn’t get costium for any of them).

In addition Khagan is more or less must have for month or Knights events.

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Richard can work as a diamond tank

Also in attack in diamond, the big attk down adds great survivability


Every hero is great when the boards say so


Isarnia is the Queen, everybody else are just extras.


I use my Lianna every day. Part of my #1 war attack team, and my daily raiding team. She’s great for targetting that one pesky hero you have to get rid of. Hitting an enemy with White Rabbits DD, almost always is 1k+ damage

While might not use the S1 heroes much, BUT absolutely no bashing by me.

Season-1 heroes are super to start the game with and things unravel as per one’s summons of new heroes.

Season-1 heroes ain’t going anywhere & have their role / place in my roster…though occasional, but they are there for multiple types of play : Wars, Tournaments, Events, Quests…

I think the S1 4* healers are some of the best heroes in the game for how easily accessible they are. Rigard, Melendor, Boldtusk, and Kiril are amazing. Cheap to emblem, and I even LB 1 copy of each as I am very c2p now and the 5* healers have been hard to come by.


This game was built in and on S1.

No S1 no E&P

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There are the best. To feed Soul Exchange.

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Aw, great thread. I love Scarlett, because she was my first 4* and I really hope to get her costume one day.

All of the S1 heroes also look really ‘sharp’ in their art, compared to, for example, Slayer heroes.

I still use my S1 heroes every day. :heart:


Lots of useful 4 stars and the 5ers are good for soul exchange :slight_smile:

I like Lianna a lot. even after 3 years of playing and a pretty deep roster I pair her with Fogg for a 1-2 punch that practically eliminates any hero I put them against. Got her costume recently and I still use regular Lianna exclusively. The perk of the costume bonus helps her be a bit stronger, but even before getting the costume I could take out just about any hero.

Joon and Magni would be two other heroes that still see a good bit of play.


They are really good for SE, even the fully ascended ones are

My Joon, Sartana, Lianna, Dom and Marjana are still staple in my offense. They are all fully emblemed but not LB. I think with the right company they can be handy. I am not a regular puller but have some good support cards like G Panther and Inari. So I tend to play around them. They are not on par with the current meta, but they have their uses. And C Riggard is the only Healer i use apart from C Mel,

S1 heroes? Oh, sweet summe children!

I like costumeless S1 heroes because eventually all peoples will get them.


I love the looks of Marjana, would be awesome if s1 gain family links for theyre looks. Marjana for Pirates, elkananen and kadilen for season 3, hell for season 3 Also. And alot more s1 heros.


My Kiril +19 still rocks (with a level 17 mana troop). I won’t lie, I’d love to get his costume for the stat boost, but even without he’s very solid. Love his twin buffs…

… and any hero that likes beer gets a double like from me!

… also, for some of us, non-costume S1s represent the bulk of our roster. so, you know… make do with what you have.


Kiril was my first healer and has been exactly the kind of supportive, uncomplicated, dependable man I needed in my beginner days.
Alot of the S1 4*s are great for being easily accessible with useful straightforward skills for your hero toolbox.
The 5s sadly I feel like have been outclassed and while they’re still useful for people who have them maxed already, as a new player I can’t see myself ever investing my ascension mats there. They’ll go to soul exchange.


They were once all very desirable

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