Say something positive about non-costume S1 heroes

That all of the costumes are released

I still have joon full emblemed and kadilen will remain so cause apparently the game is mocking me on yellow and green

Azlar - a staple for me on green titans. He has the second highest attack stat for reds in my roster. Barbarian class’ bleed is good for titans too.

Isa - a staple for me on red titans. Nice defence down and high attack stat. A big help on my very fast war defence, and handy for upper flours of Ninja Tower.

Vivica - a staple for me on purple titans. Cleanses the poison and helps my team survive against those pesky 14* titans. Cleric class helps resist mana ailments.

Non Costume Season 1 Legendary heros that we already ascended are still valuable for event towers and war cleanups. Stripped Horghall with mana troop 30 never fails and sitll rocks the cleanups!!!

Non costume S1 hero will never be nerf


W3K has truly breathed new life into them.

I’m still trying to think of something positive to say about them. I really am. But I can’t think of anything positive yet.

Leo gets a lot of random disdain but I agree he’s solid and still useful even against these OP mofos.

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If you see something, say something…positive.

I just got my azz handed to me by a joon +19 in a raid…he’s still amazing

You said it sis !!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Something good to say it is not enough for Obakan second costume… it is excellent… :star_struck: oh look at last hero here… she looking beautifull… she is Domitia…Forum challenge. **Show your hero!**

S1 heroes still form a big part of my roster, and half are non-costume. Joon, Vivica, Magni, Marjana, Kadilen, all find lots of use un-costumed in wars and raids. I have two maxed +18 Joon. Lianna, Sartana, Isarnia, I have the costumes but prefer the base version.

It all depends on your level and expectations in the game. For many of us we can’t afford to look down on the S1’s.


I still find some of their special skills very useful or dangerous, like Lianna, Kadilen or Vivica. Though slow, Vivica was my only 5* healer for a very long time.

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They are still useful for depth - I use them in lower Ninja/Magic tower floors to conserve my key heroes for later!

3*s can be eaten for roster space. that’s positive :slight_smile:
nowadays, 15x3s per color is enough

They are quiet easy to get through TC20, and their soul worth same as any other hero for soul exchange

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Yes, I can say about Elena !! This hero became much better of her resurrection (many times and often) and she already has been used for passing high levels of the tower… :woman_supervillain:t2:

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Positive… hmmm… Ah! Right! Viv’s got the looks!

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Their unique Superior Talents make them quite nasty. Good to see them make a comeback because of that.