Say no to Mitsuko nerf

Not everyone knows that there was a discussion openned about rangers and new Ninjas bypassing Mitsuko reflect. @KiraSG stated this was not the way it had to work and after that recognized it was an error . The error was that defensive buffs like defense up or counterattack among others, when overlap reflect made rangers to bypass it. The answer wasnt as good as playerbase expected. Instead fixing it to work as intended sg will opt to nerf Mitsuko again.

Is it fair to you that SG continue boosting Finley and Cobalt, two blue monsters ?? Is it fair to you that an already indirectly nerfed Mitsuko(due to Vela) will suffer again the nerf hammer hit??

Im getting tired of SG downgrading our heroes. SG did it with Vela and Telluria and now are freely moving towards Mitsuko. Please help me, i need SG hear players voices, that understand that we dont want they keep downgrading and nerfing old existing heroes. We dont want they move forward this change. We want reflect reflecting and not being bypassed.

Do you agree with SG nerfing reflect? should SG let Mitsuko as she is
  • Yes, i agree with the changes
  • No, SG should try another way to fix the reflect error and let Mitsuko as she is. Stop the indirect nerfing

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Athena and alasie also benefit from this change, it’s not just finley and cobalt… ninja troops also benefit… I don’t understand why folks would want a single hero in the game to be able to shut down every single attacking blue every single time (unless they rely heavily on her and have maxed multiples), I don’t have finley and I do have mits just in case anyone wants to try that angle.


You just cant let those blue without a natural counter.
Mitsuko always was a key piece to neutralize them and now you want to downgrade her, why? Which is the benefit of this change? SG has recognized that the initial idea was that reflect worked different from a normal defensive buff. If reflect now works as that you are indirectly hard nerfing old heroes and boosting others. Why? Because its the easiest way to fix the game? Why not programming well the reflection?


To me it’s as simple as reflect is a defensive buff, and anything that has the ability to bypass defensive buffs should in fact, do so. Otherwise it’s a mess to explain. This seems pretty straight forward and how most people assumed it worked prior to cobalts release anyway. Mits will still be great vs blues in general but now there will be some hesitation vs Finley and more broadly, rangers (which was already there if your buffs weren’t in “order” it seems).


I understand that, and i agree with yout vision. However i dont agree with SG attitude and thats why im complaining. They simply move forward and created the ninja troops with the ability to bypass defensive buffs while they was considering reflect as a different kind of buff separated from defensive ones. Now, that they released the bypass troops (which makes everyone a little ranger) they discovered a problem with reflect and therefore decided to go further and fix it turning the buff a defensive one. Guess that ? Now you can use a yellow ninja troop in your yellow stack against ursena and say goodbye to the yellow reflection. That is a huge downgrade to those old heroes , and thats why i dont want sg continue with the change. They simply continue nerfing things even without knowing


If folks outside of the very very top are focusing on leveling ninja troops just for defensive (or offensive) purposes, they’re hurting themselves long term for a mechanic that isn’t useful in many situations. But anyway, I’ve spoke my peace and I certainly do understand your side as well. Take care.


I think the whole discussion about how bypass is supposed to work merely highlighted that at least some SG employees did not understand how it was in fact programmed and supposed to work. From the players I know and myself, we all expected that Cobalt at 3x charge was supposed to always bypass Mitsuko’s reflect. When it was shown not to be the case, we were perplexed since the wording of Cobalt’s special skills was the same as Rangers’ ability when emblemed, we all see reflect as a defensive buff and knew from experience that e.g. emblemed Finley could sometimes bypass Mitsuko’s reflect.

So the fix by SG does make sense and makes things consistent again, and I don’t see a problem with that.

As far as who is OP or nerfed, it is clear that the bypass ability (emblemed Rangers or Ninja troops) is a strong one, but it is always a chance to bypass, and only in the case of Cobalt at 3x charge, it is a certainty but at effectively a very slow mana speed. So it seems ok to me.


That was never how it was programmed. You obviously have not informed yourself with the information on the forum. Reflects were supposed to be different. Kira herself said as much. Then she decided to change her mind and screw over yet another high dollar hero…


As far as i know depending on the order of the buff then Finley could bypass the reflect. But thats all, and thats the problem they have to fix. How can they fix it? I dont know they are the developers but taking the easy way seems a bit odd. If they considered from the very begining reflect as a different kind of buff so SG should solve the initial problem of overlapping buffs and let the reflection alone


Or Kira was wrong. And her explanation that now reflect is a defensive buff is clearly not the most logical in that regard as I (and I am sure, many other players) have always seen Reflect as just a special type of counterattack (since it basically is just that), which was always meant to be potentially bypassed as is written in the Pierce ability, Cobalt’s SS description and ninja troop description.

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I have Mitsuko and use her tons. Still I dont get this fuss at all. Everyone was used to it that sometimes ranger could bypass her buff.

And now that we know how it was intended to work suddenly the world is too small to adjust her to function like we always thought she did.

I’m getting so tired of all those people trying to protect their heroes like if they are their children.

This adjustment is totally fine and she will still be great.


Kira stated earlier it wasnt the way it was intented and rangers was only capable of bypassing reflect due to an overlapping of defensive buffs

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Me too man bypass is bypass ranger or ninja troop it can hit whatever is protecting your heroes and it is still a chance so I don’t see the problem.

Reflect was never intended to work that way.

The overlap of defensive buff made it possible. But sg decided that its better to turn reflect as a normal defensive buff instead of solving the overlapping buffs

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three snaps at perfect poetry laid before me

So? As far as we knew it did work like we thought it did. So what is the problem if it now works just like we always thought it did work in the first place?

But it does get over with it. That’s how it works end of story live on lol.

Try breath deep… slow… here you go

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I probably spend 500$ a year and they are about to lose me.

There are just so many issues in their game I mean literally hundreds. Almost all of which are easy fixes, but they are too stubborn and prideful to listen to us.


Hey SGG it’s actually okay that mitsuko counters all of blue all the time. ITS OKAY.


So , a developer stated that theres an error, that its not the way a buff should behave and interact in the game and instead of fixing it to work as intended they decide to fix it via nerfing. And its fine to you? Nice to know.

And not, ranger was not bypassing elemental shield, they were bypassing overlapped defensive buffs. Its not the same


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