Saving silver tokens

Does anybody know can yousave your free daily summons tokens

Ahh, just dont use them?

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Yeah you can keep the Silver tokens. But not the free dayli summon

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If you play with the time you claim your daily summon, you can gradually get it to the time you want it, as the next comes 23 hours after you claim it. I don’t know if you can force two daily summons in one day out of the system by gradually moving it up to between midnight and one and taking the next one between 11 and midnight. Probably not worth the lost sleep to try this, though.

If you’re talking about TOKENS yes you can save as many as you like.
But the free summons you get from the game or vip (2 per day) are not accumulative.


In fact the countdown wont start unless you get the free one, so if you dont take it you cant accumulate them. You can only pile up the silver ones.

Yes it is different if you mean Tokens or free summoan. Free summoan is not a token. Question is why you try save them? People saving gold tokens for seasonal events or trying HOTM in specific month.

People save the silver tokens for the same reason you pile up the 1* and 2* heroes in the TC’s.
It helps you feed heroes when you need them, so instead of burning space with useless heroes you just keep the tokes and when you have a new hero that you want to grow fast you get the feeders from the tokens.

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Team Chat

From team chat:

you can only use Epic tokens for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter events. But you can also save them until Hero Academy comes out since Epic tokens take up no hero roster space unlike the 12th Melendor I would probably get if used now. Finally when leveling rainbow 4* / 5* teams you can save tokens until a hero is 4* 4.60 or 5* 3.60 or 5* 4.60 to help with the food and Hero XP cost of levels 61-80.

Silver tokens are not as good as gold, since they can also summon troops, but unlike Extra low cost training ( RT11), does have a 3.3% chance of a 3* hero.

Thanks people, was just thinking of saving them for speed leveling heros