Saving My Gems for Season 3

So after blowing approximately 8000 Gems chasing any Avalon hero (to no avail) I think I have decided to stop spending Gems and wait for Season 3.

More reasons:

  1. I already have a lot of the S1 and S2 heroes (not all mind you, there are plenty I would still love to acquire, but the more I chase someone, the more I get the same-old-same-old)
  2. The special event heroes are very very hard to come by, as I noted in the intro. My experiences have taught me to not even get my hopes up much less try.
  3. Season 3 looks like its going to be a blast with a plethora of new heroes. I remember that new Season 2 feeling where the Atlantis portal had a dizzying variety of new heroes to hope for, and a higher chance to get them. If I start saving now I will surely have a good chance of getting the latest and greatest S3 hero.

Downsides to waiting:

  1. No chances for getting lucky. I’m looking at Kingston in October…
  2. What if Season 3 heroes can’t be acquired by Gems?
  3. Even if its frustrating to get no-one new, its still fun to do hero pulls.
  4. I have to wait and that is BORING!!!

We don’t know when season 3 will start. It might well be summer 2020. Saving up for so long would need a lot of patience and discipline. Good luck with it :wink:
Different story if it starts early 2020 but my gut feeling says it won’t happen

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Any particular reason for asking your self this, or just a thought?

Yeah, they don’t wanna make money anymore. Perhaps they will give us the heroes for free :rofl:

Well Atlantis coins are a thing
Perhaps they’ll introduce a new currency for S3.
to your credit though this prospective currency could probably be purchased with Gems.
Just thinking of all outcomes.

I’m sure any future way of obtaining S3 heroes will include gems.

I don’t fault @ScaryPowers for their choice, but at the same time I’m seeing two HotM coming up—Kingston and Nieth—both of whom are top-tier (or were last we saw them in beta). OTOH it’s probably safe to say that the S3 heroes will also be very good, and the HotMs in the future may be even better than Kingston and Nieth.

It’s the trouble with delayed gratification and the uncertainty of when S3 will be released.


I have a lot of sympathy for the OPs argument.

While the upcoming HotMs are looking very good

  1. my luck has been abysmal the past several months
  2. Season III heroes will be both new and (most likely) powerful
    and most importantly
  3. Already a long queue of heroes on bench in need of materials, why add to it?

I expect to pull in the next Guardians in the hope of a second Jackal (a third would be welcomed with open arms and big smiles too). Panther is a dream and if Jackal joined summoning would stop. But after that…?

Q) Odds of sticking to this plan? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
A) Very low :anguished:


I feel the same way Sternman, maybe my luck has just been crappy, but I used to get the HOTM with ease and these past 4 months I was only able to get Seshat. I didn’t even want Anzough or Margaret and still got them.