Saving heroes

I am saving for a green elemental summon. Is it best to save the original summoned level 1 and 2 heroes or level them? My brief experiment suggests to save base heroes but I would like confirmation. Thanks.

Save. Most of the experience value is lost if you use leveled heroes as feeders.

To have a meaningful impact on leveling, you’ll need to not collect feeders from the training camps. You’ll need hundreds of feeders to power-level Evelyn, and it’s not sensible to buy hundreds of hero slots just for feeders.

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Thanks. Other than training camps how else do you get feeders?

You get some of them from farming map levels that you’ve already cleaned previously.

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Save them.

Do. Not. Level. Them.


Storing finished heroes to level other heroes:

Leveling 1*/ 2* heroes. TL;DR- Don’t

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