Saving Emblems

Guys how difficult do you feel it is to accumulate emblems?

My dilemma: I currently have about 80 Barbarian emblems that I was saving for Kage who is at 2/60, I have Proteus my trap tools so I have to get more plus I have a ways to go with getting him to max.
In the meantime, my Grimm is maxed and I feel like he needs some emblems because he’s rather weak on def and can’t survive that long.

So my question leads to asking should I just save the emblems for Kage based on difficulty of accumulating emblems or can I use some on Grimm and then later on once Kage is leveled I can just get more and use them on him?

How useful are your emblems on your bench?

Use them.
You will gain more by the time you are ready to emblem your 5*
Grimm is a great candidate for emblems.

And you can fully emblem 2 (3?) 4* for the same cost of embleming 1 5*.

Use them !

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My grimm is at +11 right now and it helped tons i would definitely use em on him

Several posters have shown their emblem counts at different dates.

Here is what I’d suggest if you do not know your own rate of emblem gain:

  1. Comb the thread and find our who you can reasonably calculate a rate of emblem gain for. I will tell you right now that I think KLinMayhem is probably your best bet.

  2. Calculate the ratio of your total emblems to theirs. Assume your rate of gain is proportional. For example, if someone has 4,000 and is gaining 800 a month and you have 2,000, I’d make a first order estimate that you gain 400 a month (so ~40 in each class per month).

Mine is at +18, all attack and currently working on maxing a second one who might receive emblems too.
Only barbarian 5* i have is Atomos at 1/1 who won’t see any feeders.
Also have a maxed LJ but he is mostly on the bench, so he is not very useful.
Again, @LadyAchilles, use your emblems to win more emblems

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@IvyTheTerrible okay I’m gonna look at that, @J1mau I see everyone goes attack route even though he’s squishy that’s so odd to me lol

I replied in the other thread more extensively, but there’s just no way to make him NOT squishy.


I do typically feel like attack heroes should get att route and defense heroes should get def route, but because he’s like A grade hero I hate that he’s so squishy

@J1mau I just unlocked first Node, and stuck on if I should go attack out the gate or give just one defense boost then go attack forward lol that 531 def is killing me! Lol

That will get Kage about a talent and half at some point in the future. I think the emblems are worth more on Grimm now.


Make the enemy suffer the mosts :joy:
They can’t hurt you if they are already dead :joy:


You went full attack lol

@J1mau I know you said use emblems and I took your advice, Grimm is on the talent grid. But with maxed Cyprian and Li Xiu, they will NOT get any emblems they just aren’t that good lol

Wilbur is almost maxed so he’s getting my monk emblems :slight_smile: I cant remember who I am lining up for Paladin

Well, if you take your emblems off the bench to give them to heroes you keep on the bench… It is the same problem :rofl:
Joking aside, Li ain’t so bad if you use her as tank, but being a monk, she battles with Wilbur and Wu for emblems and she loses hands down…
Edit : You do have Wilbur then. No question about Li then
As for Cyprian, she has its uses, but i’d say it is a personal choice on that one

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Just curious - are you going to max Grimm (to +20)?

I reached +18 and decided the cost wasn’t worth it on the last two nodes and am now sending all Barbarian emblems to Gravemaker.

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Same here, the 2 last nodes don’t add enough for the cost of it imo.
So rest of emblems for LJ, Grimm #2 or Namahage, for events
Still not sure, but with my shortage of iron/ham, and Rigard, Sonya, Proteus and Wilbur all waiting for resources to get 4-5 nodes each, i won’t commit on barbarian #2 for the near future so still have time to think about it

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This is my leveling order, so I just couldn’t remember who on my list were the Paladin heroes…either Sonya or Ares will be getting my Paladin emblems. As you can see, Wilbur is almost maxed (my current “rainbow” to be maxed) so yes Li Xiu is out without question. And I agree that the Riposte heroes have their place hence me choosing to max Cyprian, but I definitely don’t see the need to give him emblems. Plus I’m trying to minimize my need to reset.

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@IvyTheTerrible I haven’t decided how far doWn I’m gonna go, but @Kerridoc suggested to go at least +7 on emblemed heroes (the good ones at least lol) so that’s the intent for now. Then as I get further Along with maxed heroes I will kinda figure out who should be taken beyond that.

I also just got Miki so Kage May not be the only other hero I give barbarian emblems to, but that’s down the line still as you can see Miki is like 4th down for blues to level.

I know that some heroes people just unlock the first node on, I’m not sure who on my roster would be among those heroes just yet.

She is my main dispeller, where your Caedmon seems to fit this role for you.
Don’t have any 5* paladins.
Paladin emblems actually works very well with Sonya, as she has fairly high defense and that +20% makes a great difference.
In the long term, Ares will get your emblems, but if you are not near maxing him, Sonya is a great candidate.

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