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If I hadn’t seen your previous long running arguments on this forum I may believe that you didn’t believe (with at least 95+% confidence) that he didn’t track his drops and that you were trying to encourage him to track his drops in the hope it would increase his enjoyment of life…

I agree with most of your views but I hate it when an intellectual elite group try to make others look stupid over things that don’t matter. I am not defending Joshua or his views but rather encouraging civility on the forum. If you honestly can look into yourself and believe that you weren’t setting him up for ridicule then your motivations are pure but your execution was always going to have this effect. The modus operandi of staging a public hanging for people that dare state an opinion like Joshua’s doesn’t make it go away - it just makes it stronger (look at conspiracy theory’s and the rise of Trump if you want a reference point).


Ok… This has gone on long enough. Seriously, just agree to disagree and move on. Some ppl like to argue, some like attention, some are fact finders and some are just here to offer :beer: and :popcorn: The OP has his view of spending. Others have theirs. Nobody is wrong. Move on :laughing:


Not trying to reinflame arguments here, but I was wondering what my personal mat situation was. Coming up on 3 years of play (started when Evelyn was HotM).

I have 7 maxed 5* in each color (it surpised me how even that was). Left in inventory are 13 rings, 5 tonics, 5 telescopes, 5 tabards, 1 darts, 3 blades, 10 tomes.

So 304 mats. Only purchases are PoV, so what 7 of those?

Regardless, thats about 100 a year, which doesn’t seem that low, actually. (Even though I’m in a bit of a tight spot with Guardian Kong, Milena and Moreau getting close to needing mats, and Francine in the pipeline for in a couple of months. Bobo will be 3/70 for a while, it seems.)

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Some people just do not understand that their experience might differ from others’ experience.

So you have tons of mats, win every raid, have enough 5*. Great, and there are people who are in the opposite situation.

Maybe instead of calling that other party a liar (without using this word ofc) and demanding evidence, listen to them and acknowledge that not everyone is in the same position as you.

I have a player in my alliance with similar game time - guy is VC2P, grinds a lot, very committed, several levels above me. He has less than 10 5*.
I used to buy majority of offers with 4* mat, I have over 20 5* ascended.

This game is not easy for no/small-spending folk.


I think a lot of the loot issues would be solved if just like in other loot sources there was the blue i symbol to show what loot can be got from each thing. I know over the years players on here have done a lot of work themselves to figure this out, but it would be a good QoL improvement which may help show loot hasn’t been reduced going forward.

In fact off to features request section I go…

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This thread and your calculation inspired me to do the math for my account.
I am extremely active as well, doing everything in this game for 22 months (started playing on December 15, 2019). Just to back up this - I am lvl 73 with one full set of lvl 23 mana troops and one set of lvl 11 mana troops. Never ever pulled any troops for gems. Playing every tournament and event in this game. My tournaments usually end up being in top 5 or top 1%. Titan scores A or A+. I am not considering myself being a whale or huge spender but I spend some money (mostly on offers where 4* AM mats are included). On average it is less than $50 per month.

I have totaled 188 4* AM in this period of time. That is 8,54 mats per month. It looks great but out of that there were 53 mats I have bought in total. So we have 135 4* mats from other sources = 6,13 mats per month. Now deduct all non RNG based sources and we finally get to number lower than 1 per month.

So in my case RNG based sources brought me less than ONE 4* AM per month. This is not a rumor or rant but a (very sad) fact backing up pretty low RNG based drop rates for me.

Btw. Within last 3 months I have seen only 2 4*AM mats from RNG based sources.


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At this point, just spend what you feel the game is worth to you.

To put it bluntly with these types of games, no matter how much you choose to spend, it boils down to nothing more than “borrowing digital property” until the plug gets pulled.

You don’t get to take it with you.


That is why I ask him the 3+1 questions. I do not track my mat drops but I can track my total gain just by looking at Roster and Inventory. If he buy, he can also provide estimated number of AM he had bought if he don’t want to check details for each purchase.

Sadly he chose to attack me and label me as fanboi and keep dodging the question. I wonder if real fanboi would give 1 star rating for the game review or heavely protesting non-S1 costume that result in got kicked out of the forum for 2 weeks by SG like I did.

The problem start when he is asked about his roster (number of 5* ascensed to laat tier) and leftover materials (number of 4* mats in inventory) but chose to dodge from answering it. How can I believe his claim if when I ask for the basis of the claim, he hid it relentlessly?

It is low indeed but still above 1 per month.

6.13 - 4.75 = 1.38

That is a lot… I never know they sell that many in less than 2 years… I never bother to see the offer…

Did you calculate it by counting all 5* you had ascensed to 4th tier, multiply it by 8 and then add the remaining 4* mats?

If you reveal the number of 5* ascended to 4th tier (doesn’t need to be maxed) and remaining 4* mats, I can help you check the calculation. Earlier, there was someone who miscalculated so it is better safe than sorry.

You are quoting me as if I was talking to you, this comment was clearly in reply to homa.

The issue happened before you were summoned into the thread where the original comment by Joshua that “mats are too rare” was changed into him being told he had to say how many mats he receives knowing full well he would then be told that is not too rare. Too rare is an opinion and is not related to how many someone receives but rather if they receive more or less than the number they think they should receive. It is not until a later comment he mentions that he used to get more - in this case not giving a time frame if that was last week he got more than this week or last year he got more than last year. He knew his words would be twisted into an absolute statement and tried not to get caught in a line of reasoning he didn’t want to discuss.

He then started abusing people (me included) which is clearly not acceptable but he was frustrated at this point…

I know you aren’t a fan boi and even liked your reply where you stated you aren’t

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That is the problem with just rellying on word. It can easily be twisted.

Years ago I made claim that I can get 800 gems in a month. People did not believe me, saying that it is ridiculous to get that many gems in a month.

So I made a detailed record for a month. Turn out that month I got more than 1000.


I saw all the numbers and calculations, but it’s all a bit pointless in my opinion. The economy of this game is harsh by design, and it’s the only truth I know since I have started playing. Summoning odds are low, chances to get 4* asc mats are low, everything in the game is made to be slow - and most probably this is no coincidence. The game economy is carefully calibrated to stimulate spending, which is the only way the make a player’s life easier. It’s up to a us how much easier.

Some would maybe argue that it’s the same in other games, but my experience with few other games says it’s not. Although, it could be that it’s not an absolute truth, due to a relatively small sample. This game is particularly harsh due to higher degree of monetization, while in-game rewards turned out to be less generous. Even if a player starts to spend for something, it is difficult to find a balance - very soon he might end up with backlogs and bottlenecks on the other side. I guess most spenders end up with surplus of heros while waiting for mats, while it could be a different situation for f2p.

For some, this reality is perfectly ok. For others, it’s too much. Wether it’s 5,4 or 4,5 is really not that important. Peace. :hugs:


There is another way, save the money and just enjoy the game for free. Imo, when someone pay, it increase their expectation and when they doesn’t get it, it lead to disatisfaction.

On the other hand, if you save your money, and manage to compete, you will get more satisfaction.

I don’t actually read the OP but as for the title of this thread, I do agree.


It’s also true. The economy is as it is, and some people find it enjoyable. Others may try to enchance enjoyment with money, but unfortunately very often it ends up with a disappointment. :see_no_evil:


Agree. Waste of your values. I hoped to get a new knight. Got Esme after 50 pulls. She is the worst of the new legos -but didn’t give up. Next day I pulled a lot more. Was a waste of resources untill… I got my 2nd LEGO: Esme! Then I pulled more - got “rewarded” with a 3rd Esme. WTF!!! Don’t play this game, just quit and find a better one!

I’m not entirely convinced the majority does agree with him.

For one thing, the majority don’t use the forums.

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I avoided this thread because it instantly devolved into a diversion about beating one’s chest, or about other players…
rather than the topic. Weighing-in makes me this of:

This topic here…

Was created by the founder of 7 days
A long time ago.
And it’s a testament to SG that…
Nothing has really changed!
This information is slightly more vivid in their reply on post #236 of that thread.

However… as compared to days of old:
I would say there are changes to how we are engaged by staff.

And Beta also…is regularly ignored.

External S1 costumes were stopped!

If you combine costumes with how rare and weird…balance updates have been for the past couple years, then this:

Has become so vivid. That even the moderate spender’s progress can be hindered more rapidly than ever before.
How many moderate spenders in the population? How long…
Before they heed they advice?!

You paid for Krampus? Cool, here comes his costume

Plenty… thousands…!
Will ignore @Simon1977’s advice.

With this new pace, the outcome for spending money is being made "clear…"

With every…



Simon’s advice will be ignored
And then eventually,
floundered over like a dead puppy


The most unethical business decision from SG.


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