Save your money

I play this game for 3 years every day my word of advice for you guys don’t spend your money


My advice would be let everybody decide for themselves what they want to spend their money on, and not make pointless passive-aggressive topics on the forum with 0 content.


It is a shame the game has made it hard to get much of anything without paying for it. Titan loot sucks (chaining 14 star titans) chest loot sucks (I skip chest daily), limit breakers are very hard to get (I almost always get top 1% in tournaments), and now they are shortening Atlantis. If someone like myself who is very active and playing at the top levels is finding it difficult to get items/materials, I can only imagine how it is for everyone else. I just want to go more than a day without being reminded of how stingy and greedy SG has become.


How many 4* ascension mats do you get monthly from free non quest non pov non seasonal event drops?

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Not enough, that is for sure. But I have been on the forums enough to know that even if I said I went 6 months without a 4 star ascension mat from a Titan, you would say it is just bad RNG, and I must be getting plenty from everywhere else, for free lol. I know the vast majority will agree with everything I said, so tell my where I am wrong?


I am just wondering if you are actually tracking your drops so that you have an accurate basis for saying all of this. Most people who start tracking realse that they are getting more drops than they think they do. I suggest you do the same so that you either correctly align your perception and expectation, or you have metrics to support your case


I dont need a pen and paper to know if I have went a couple days, or a couple of months without a 4 star mat. I know how many mats are in my inventory, as I have a million heroes that need ascended, so I always have a pretty good idea. Like I said before, it doesnt matter what number I give you. If I told you I went 6 months without one, would you say, wow, that is ridiculous? Or just say I am lying?


If you tracked it I would say wow, that is ridiculous. If you had a “feeling” then I would say you have probably gotten more than you realise. That is the benefit of dealing with numbers.

I personally have had 13, 10, 6 free 4* mat drops in the previous 3 months. This month so far there have been 4. That seems to me to be a decent number. I am just curious what numbers you are actually receiving.


I can confidently say, that the small possible difference in what I am noticing and remembering, vs what I would see if I kept a pen and paper beside me, would be very minimal. Like I said, I keep very good track of my inventory, due to always needing mats, that there is no way I would be significantly off. Do you think I am wrong? I am lying? That my post doesnt matter because I am not physically writing my pulls down? lol Would it make a difference if I said say 3 months, but it was actually 2.5 months? lol


There is enough evidence on this forum of people going off their gut feelings and being way off course. That is why I like to deal with facts, so there is no reason for anyone including myself to question what I am saying.


If you tell me you get x mats every x days, and you ect ect, do you think that because you tell me that you write it down, and because I dont, that that makes you right and me or whoever else wrong? lol. I dont know what you do or dont write down. I dont know if you are telling me the truth about what you do or dont write down. But here is the thing, when 90% of the players say they get crap loot, or whatever the topic is, I am going to believe that over the 2 players who say everyone else is wrong. In this case, I know what loot I get or dont get. If everyone else says they seem to get a good, fair supply, and only a couple people say the same thing as me, my conclusion would be I must have the worst luck every, or there is a bug or something that isnt affecting everyone. So it is always funny to me when 1 or 2 people come on the forums trying to convince everyone else they are wrong, because they write things down, for instance. It is obvious the direction the game is going. It is obvious they want to make as many things available for purchase as possible (I cant imagine you would dispute this), and make said things for sale, desirable. So knowing that, how could anyone come to the conclusion that SG wouldnt make good loot more rare? Or atleast that it could be a real possibility? In my (and most others) opinion, SG has made all of that very very clear. I mean it was only a couple(ish) months ago they brought out Limit breakers, and most players who were on the fence said “as long as they dont sell them it is ok I guess” just for SG to start selling them lol. It has to get hard to keep defending them, doesnt it?


Why do you think I started tracking my mat drops? Because I thought it seemed like a low drop rate. And tracking showed me that my perception was not quite aligned with reality.

You really need to get off your pedestal. At no point have I said I am defending SG, or that you or anyone else is wrong. I have said when making a claim facts speak far louder than feelings, and that regardless of whether your pereption is accurate or not that tracking your drops will be of benefit to you.

I don’t defend SG. But there are so many claims regarding the game and SG that weeding out the false claims (rigged boards) vs the genuine grievances (seemingly unecessary nerfing) is of benefit to everyone. To me, based on my mat drops, it doesn’t seem that mat drops have decreased, and have in fact increased. @yelnats_24 has kept track of his mat drops I think from day 1 and from my understanding has seen an increase in overall drops due to the larger number of sources available these days. I could be an outlier but I would rather compare like for like and not my facts to othre peoples’ feelings. If you think that people lie about whatever metrics they say they have then that is truly sad for you.

Anyway, I am not interested in fighting with you about how bad SG is. You clearly have your blinkers on and will refuse to see any side other than the one you have decided to have an emotional investment in.


Not detailed by source, I just calculate my yearly gain by using the data about the remaining mats and the number of heroes I have ascended. I do that each year, in 4 days I will post my 3rd year haul (4 days from now is my account 3rd birthday)

My second year haul is by far more than the first.


I personally don’t spend anymore but I know that the game wouldn’t exist without spenders. As long as they feel happy with their decision and it doesn’t affect their life, nothing wrong to spend for entertainment.


OMG, you are accusing me of doing exactly what you are doing, and using the same argument. You arent defending SG, but that is exactly what you are doing, and your only argument against my post, is that you and 1 other person keep track of loot and are getting an increase lmfao. But I am sure you and the couple other SG defenders are right, and the rest of us are wrong lol. Despite all the evidence right in our faces lol.


Are you telling me that you don’t do the rare queat and path of valor?

I love this. Player makes an observation about their drop rate, and like clockwork someone comes in to tell them their observations are wrong because of “reasons”.


I agree with that 100%. I spend myself, even though I hate myself for it sometimes. I have no issues with that at all. I only feel bad how much larger the gap between F2P and P2P is becoming, and how much harder it is to get things without paying for them.


@JoshuaCass tell me those things:

  • When did you start playing?
  • How many 4* mats currently in your inventory?
  • How many 5* have you ascended to the last tier?

No need for pen, paper, or virtual notes.

Why would one keep a record of the 4* mats drops? Beats me… you can always count your ascended heroes, your inventory mats, you know how long you’ve been playing, make an average, that’s your drop rate… doubtfully you’ll get any surprises. It’s gonna be low. That’s why we all have doesens upon doesens of unleveled 5* heroes that have no utility what so ever… the difference is, some of us payied for them and some did not. My point is, OP is right. Spending money here is the same as throwing them out the window and watching people fight over it, for fun.


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