Save war teams

To whom it may concern: Please give us a way to pre-build and save our war teams so we can simply scroll through them when selecting our attacking team during war.

Much the same way we already have the teams slots. I have several ideas on how you can achieve this but I’m sure you geniuses will figure it out. This whole thing about building your teams everytime is so 2019.

Serious though, it would be nice to be able to build and save your teams ahead of time.

Thanks… We don’t need it for this weekend. Next week will be just fine. :smiley: :heartbeat:

I thought long and hard about this and if it was worth it to vote for your idea.

I decided it was. You’re welcome.


Can you not do that by using the team slots? And personally I do not understand having premade war teams, but to each their own

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You can pre-build and save raid teams but you can’t access them in war.

You can certainly build your team on the fly every time the way we do now. But why should we. We (some players) spend a lot of time working on team chemistry ahead of time. It would be much efficient if we could save these teams for quick and easy retrieval when we need them.

So you can plan war hits ahead of time.

Yasss… It will surely be implemented with this level of endorsement…

To each their own. I’m personally not a fan of premade teams because the opponent is always changing. But I everyone wars their own way.


doesnt that defeat the one color tank strategy, which i now become to believe its meaningless…you can 3-2 any colors or mono and just attack regardless of the other team tank…sorry that was off topic.

That appears to be the result! Stacking is great when the board gives you some love but not all the time. Being a recent convert, I’m finding it is making me lazy rather than working my assets effectively to achieve victory. At least raids are happening again; “400 tp more than me?” I can work with that!". AW requires more thought. I rarely trot out the same teams week after week. I like to see how it/ they all works together.

This is correct, war’s have different opponents thus needing different offensive teams each time.

This may work for alliances that control who hits who and when as I have seen a few bigger alliances do but those would be a minute minority of alliances overall.

For an alliances that have members choosing who they hit themselves it wouldn’t suit or be an advantage to have preset teams.

The idea is there but just don’t it suiting any more than just a few bigger alliances overall.

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