Save tome of tactics or use it?

Like title says…will he benefit my blue mono team? If so, who should I replace, if it’s not worth it, let me know. I’ll get the tomb when I finish the quest

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He’s worth it imo (so long as you don’t have a better hero of another color ready) and all the better if you end up getting his costume. Personally I would swap out Thorne for Magni. Adds another fast sniper and adds more attack to take advantage of Isarnias def down + Fridas elemental def down coupled with the attack boost from regular Kiril. It would make a crushing titan team and blue team in general.

Edit: if you have Miki than Miki-Kiril-Frida-Isarnia-Alice or Magni would make great titan team.

Is Magni worth it - yes. An emphatic yes if you snag his costume as well. I’d agree with @Palms and swap out Thorne too. Magni is fast and, his increased defense is nice to protect squishy allies.

Ps. Hope you don’t mind, I changed your thread title from tomb to tome. GL

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No I don’t mind it. Thank you.

Let me show you what I got working with and see if I should use my last tome on someone else.

Here is the only other 5a non dupes I could use on. I’m waiting for 1 more tonic, but I have the worst luck getting tomes. So i got to be stingy on who I use them on

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Okay thanks, yeah I would say Magni is your next best investment for tomes. I think Magni is better than your current choices in other colors. I like Margaret since her buff but would still go with Magni :+1:

Ok cool. Thanks for all your input

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Ugh and I just got a tonic today and now I can choose a green one to upgrade uuuuuggghhhhh what do I doooooooooo

Here is my green mono team. It is probably my best mono offense team i got. Idk if margaret or tell would even be beneficial. Inwant to keep that s3 guy in there. I hit first with him and he drops their green defense.

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I disagree with some of the feedback. Thorne is a 3-hitter and after combining with Frida and Isarnia or C Kiril you will get a dead enemy either way. With Thorne you might get more dead heroes or at least more injured heroes. Magni would be overkill on the single target

When I fire off Kirill, Frida then Thorne, it kills whatever 2 or 3 targets I’m hitting.

I agree with you too.

Honestly I would swap Marge in for Kadilen. Her dodge is a pain and her tile damage is quite heavy which is important in stacks and with Almurs elemental def down…all the better. Tell is meh since the last nerf imo.

Yeah tell isn’t even on my list of maxing anymore. Since they added some damage to Marg, I like her

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