Save to Goal

First, we need a list of preset goals.

  • 30 pulls in Elemental Summon
  • 50 pulls in Epic Hero Summon
  • 80 pulls in Event Summon
  • 100 pulls in Atlantis Summon

For each goal I can save a small part of my gems that I bought or I got from battles and missions.
The gems cannot be taken back from the savings account.
Also, some of the free rewards in gems from missions and battles could go directly in savings account.

not saying it’s a bad idea since there would be no harm in it. But most of us are adults that manage our own finances in real life, surely we can manage imaginary money as well. Just my 2 cents. Not for it or against, just food for thought

Who said all adults are good finance managers?
And on top of that, there are a lot of teenagers playing this game. This could help.

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would it help if we didnt have to collect our vip gems daily? just let them sit there until we want them instead of losing the gems if we don’t collect?

SGG designed the VIP pass to encourage people to log on daily. I don’t see them changing that.

To make the OP idea attractive, there’d have to be a sweetener in the pot, either gems or items, so that you’re getting back more than you put in IF you complete the mission. But that means SGG would have to have some control over what the mission design was so they could craft a suitable rewards package. Sounds complicated.

if titans, chests, wars, raids, farming, and mystic vision aren’t enough for players to login daily then how does VIP encourage that exactly?

When you spend money for something, you value it more than something that you haven’t. It is not rational, but it is real.


you dont think that VIP was just a subscription offer SG came up with in order to have a revenue baseline and make things easier to manage and budget financially? this way they know that even if gem sales drop then they still have the subscription revenue along with the mystic vision(could be part of the reason they further encourage daily logins) revenue to fall back on?

kind of like if you have a great job bartending at night and a steady job during the day. If bartending tips slow down, you have the stable job income to fall back on

I agree, that’s exactly why they came up with VIP. But they structured it to (further) encourage daily participation.

This is the reason why gym memberships are a thing :joy:

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