Save the whales :)

Why can’t the players (whales) that have been inactive for over a week or more be left up for grabs to the cup droppers? This latest update really slows me and lots of other players down on lvl’ing up heroes and troops fast. Players at higher cup lvls empty their WT often. I do it constantly. As I’m working my way back up the cup ladder I’m not seeing much gains in hams as i get more cups. Raids were about one thing to me and many others. And that’s hams to lvl heroes and troops. Cups don’t feed my heroes or troops. If ham payouts are not worth the raids at higher lvls then what’s the incentive to raid besides filling the chest to get meh rewards and possibly an ascension item on very rare occasions. I used to spend lots of gems to refill raid flags so i could get hams and fill chest plus spent gems to skip the chest as often as it would allow. I see no reason to continue this behavior.


To add to what fleshpeeler is saying:

I’m at 3600 TP, I raid in the spots he raids (2k-2300 cup range). Except, I can’t even move higher because I don’t have the sorts of teams required to raid consistently at diamond level. I rely on the same people and their large amount of food to fuel improvements.

At my alliance’s level (120k) most don’t like raiding. It’s a necessary evil to collect the resources to fuel growth. You’re taking away incentive, you’re stifling growth for players who are already paying (90% of us pay something, 75% of us contribute large sums) and you’re taking away a thing that makes the game dynamic. Across the board, I don’t know anyone excited about the change. Please reconsider.


I have been contacted by six good players that are now quitting the game due to the recent MERC and cup dropping nerfs. This is sad. These are great folks. 4 of them left other similar games because it was being steered to a pay to win game and that’s how many are perceiving these latest changes.


Wait I thought the change is that you get more food at diamond then before?

Or did they just nerf cup dropping without buffing anything?


Will see if diamond tier got any kind of boost in just a moment…

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I’m cup climbing to put that theory to the test.
But i get 400k-900k hams daily from raids if not more on certain days. We will see if it’s worth it to stay in diamond

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This hero chest just completed

Certainly not what could be gained last time I was in lower platinum tier.


Another things I’ve noticed this morning, almost everyone I’ve raided in the 2550 trophy range has given up between 15-25k hams. Not yet sure if this is coincidence.

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You know folks that are in the upper cup range constantly empty their WT

I do too, but just seems more ham available today than usual. Maybe they hadn’t yet woken up, lol.

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I really don’t know what the big deal was about cup dropping. It’s not like they actually lost the ham or iron? It wasn’t hurting anyone. There was no cost to it however it helped the “whales” or spenders to be able to level their heroes a little quicker. Seeing as how they were more then likely paid for.
At this point it will be 2020 before I am able to finalize my current roster.
This move is a poor decision in my opinion


Man I’m not exaggerating those gains need to be 7-10 times what they are now… 1.3million food would certainly have you feeling differently right now… and have others trying to climb the ladder too…

especially if platinum gave out like 250k-400k by comparison…

they’ve missed the mark badly with this.

Hope they realize it and fix it. Not looking good. :frowning:


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