Save empires and puzzles and fix summon issues

I am someone who has been playing E&P for years now and I have to say that this game is going to be in trouble in the future with people leaving for other games. The summon issues in this game REALLY need to be fixed or people are going to continue to leave the game. I do still enjoy parts of the game but have stopped spending any money on it whatsoever because I have found no payout for money spent. Other games do not operate like this for example the one thing that should ABSOLUTELY be fixed is the bonus chest option in all the special summons(seasonal, costume etc). Instead of giving stupid items and occasionally a epic asc material it should give a guaranteed 5* hero. Many other games do this. It wouldn’t even have to be 10 summons to get it although thats what other games do. Even if it was higher it would 1) give players something to look towards which would likely increase spending despite giving out ONE “free” hero and 2) it would help prevent players from getting bored when they have new characters to level and use. I can’t tell you the amount of people in my alliance who left saying this game isn’t worth it and is becoming boring because of the lousy drop rates of this game. That is only one idea to fix the mass exodus from this game. Others would include either an advance training camp where you can train s2 and s3 heroes, getting rid of s1 heros in summon portal or simply adding in s2 OR fixing HA10 because we all know the drop rates on that building are abysmal and totally a waste. I have been running that camp for 9 months straight with nothing coming out of it but s1. If SG doesn’t make things just a little better for the players I see this game going down the tubes quickly.

You’re right, except they won’t do it. The subject has been brought up countless times with many variations… the devs refused them all…


I know you are talking about.

2 members of my alliance are thinking of leave the game cause the terrible rates of summons. In another alliance 1 friend leave the game a month ago and another is very tired, is a matter of time he leaves too.

The devs will do something when it’s too late.

This is a warning.


I would like to keep 4 star mats as an option in the chest. Or is they were removed allow increased chance for 4 star mats somewhere else.

Even if they made all of the changes suggested we’d still see plenty of posts about devs killing the game.

I fell you, I heard of many people complaining about the same and SG solution to retain some other people and increase spending is coming up with new event with stronger heroes which I also heard from some big spenders that it is getting to much. Client acquisition is a bit harder than client retention so they definitely should work on keeping the clients that they have happy and they will bring friends and others because of a great referral


Couldn’t agree more with you - E&P seems more intent on focusing releases to keep up with Competition than keeping longtime, high spenders happy and constantly playing E&P, they fall to realize that keeping active players happy is much easier than attracting new players. Every release is filled with bugs and fixes which is intolerable. And when you logic complaint they usually blame the player by giving banana answers and do not thoroughly investigate the complaint which is unforgivable since a player only complains and there is a serious issue but they give it a cursory overview and then place the blame on the player when in fact it is a serious problem within the game for all players!!! After reading some of the posts in this section I understand that there are a lot of players that have left the game shame on SGG!!!


So I’ve been playing for over 3 years and would probably die if I knew how much cash I’ve dropped on this game. I have a deep roster…it should be way deeper for the cash I’ve dropped but now the almighty RNG is going to cause me to stop summoning. However, it’s not out of frustration for bad summons (I had had plenty of those) but my backlog of great 5* heroes that I cannot ascend due to lack of ascension materials is resulting in me refraining from dropping any more cash. Done.

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