[Satire] Nerf/Buff Clarissa

The may Hotm Clarissa is totally unbalanced. I don’t know in which way yet, but if small giant doesn’t fix her, this game will become totally unplayable.
My balance suggestion is to change her and any existing or upcoming heroes’ special to an average speed 300% damage with minor damage to nearby enemies.

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Agree, I don’t have her, but she’s OP against a hero I use a lot, so my opinion is totally unbiased. Also, what does “unbiased” mean?


A poll, cause without it small giant won’t know what to do

  • Clarissa is too op, nerf her and to an 300% damage, average mana special
  • Clarissa is too weak, buff her with an 300% damage, average mana special
  • Let’s wait until June before changing her so I can vote depending on if I got her or not

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This would basically fix the game for FTP, and the whales can cry an ocean.

Agreed 100%. Buff or Nerf Clarissa.


While the joke is funny (ish) there isn’t really any point to this thread beyond inflating the trolls etc…

Additionally, as Clarissa is “pre release” feedback should really be confined to the #beta-beat thread (below).

Finally, on the topic of excessive buff/ nerf threads there is this one:


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