Sartana's mana 'meter

Turned orange and started blinking while only 25% filled. Fired special as normal though when at 100%.

Who was the missing centre enemy?

Did they have a mana effect special?

Would not then an Icon on Sartana?

Maybe the icon was removed as the effect activated?

Maybe I’m grasping at straws but just considering any logical reason other than a weird glitch!

Strange. As they receintly harmonized that Special skill Icons there should be this orange spiral for decreased mana. Would not make sense to harmonize the symbols on one Hand and leave icons out completely on other hand.

I’ve observed this same behavior a week or two ago. But I don’t believe it was Sartana. It has no effect on the gameplay but just a visual error and kind of confusing.
I can’t replicate it either (no idea how it happened) so I imagine SG will have the same issues.

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