Sartana or Freya?

Who is better for the raid/ war team? I have to highlight I have got: Telluria, Lianna, Vivica, Rigard costumed, wilbur, boril, colen, kashreek, isarnia, vela, khagan

Do you have an attack team you plan on using her in?

Typically possible synergies are a big part of these decisions

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Freya & Telluria synergy and Freya/Seshat syneegt are really good ones if you can make use of them (defence and offence respectively)

Additionally, Freya offers a pseudo-heal via the meat shields at FAST mana speed. So she offers a fair bit even without other minion summoners.

The main argument for Sartana is that she’s a sniper which it doesn’t look like you have many options of.


OP has Lianna at the very least.

+1 for Freya based on the Guv’s logic.

what about defence team like this?

I would ditch Wilbur and put Telly in tank.

I’m also not a big fan of Vivica in the wing (too slow)

For me it would be:
x -> Vela -> Telluria -> Freya -> x

I’d fill the two {x} in with snipers if possible.


I’d think about Freya / Colen / Telluria / Vela / Lianna

or Sartana instead of Freya

like this? I think about putting blue on mid as my all team use the blue mid in wars hm

For defense synergy, telluria tank and freya flank is very good

But if you need a hero for offense and versatile, useful to bring anywhere, choose sartana. Fast sniper is the core of this game

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