Sartana, Hel, or Victor?

In my Defense team I have Lianna (with costume bonus) Sif, Telluria and will max Gravemaker soon.
For the 2nd wing who is better:
Hel, Victor or Sartana (costumed or only with costume bonus)?
All heroes will have ~7-9 talent now

(I also thinking about JeanFr instead of Gravemaker but I think GM is better in this team)

What do yout think?


I think that for defense Sartana with costume does a pretty good work! Regarding Hel i see more offensive oriented than defensive(an upgrade of proteus who is not as good on def as on offense).

I cant tell you about Victor but i think he falls behind of Sartana with Costume

Here a picture of both to compare them

Sartana is sturdier than vic and she hits so hard . Put her on the wing and see the enemies die.

Vic should charge before, but he doesnt damage enough, he seems to be there to sustain and bother the enemy. I dont know how effective it can be compared to Sartana fire power


Sartana+CB deals more total damage with DoT, but costumed deals more direct damage and comes with a better class too. Up to you who to use on defense, but as a defense wing Sartana is the better one of those three.

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Welcome to the forum @Aljaffe

My head says costume Sartana. She is fast, pure damage, and very sturdy.

My heart says Hel.:sweat_smile: I don’t have her but I have Proteus, and he is one of my favourite 4*. Hel’s mana control is an amazing skill. Very useful beyond defence.

Any blue hero?

I think GM, Telluria and some blue hero will do better (blue is green’s natural flank), leaving c-Sartana in the wing.

Victor is really, really annoying, but he can be cleansed, and with Telluria as your tank opponents will bring celansers for sure.

Sartana also can be cleansed, but the direct damage is huge.

If you dont have any blue hero I’d use Lianna and Sartana, with Sig, Telluria and GM at the center

Victor’s way too easy to counter and his damage isn’t threatening at all either.

Just in my experience, I always ignore Victor and leave him for last to deal with. You can dispel or flip the defense buff and you can mostly ignore his vampirism. His bite DoT also isn’t very threatening unless he targets the same hero multiple times (and chances of AI doing that against an attacker are very slim).

I think he’s best used offensively where you can control who he hits, and the AI can’t really play around him.


I have maxed Miki and Richard
Miki is not that good in def if you cant control the silence I think and slow
Richard is fair good, but no talent due to Telluria
Raffaele, Isarnia are witing for ascension.

I think Lianna with cb in wing is pretty strong, thats why i would use her instead of these blue ones…
That is my idea

Victor is great but not defense material, especially on wing where even his Very Fast defense buff won’t help that much.

Sartana is good all-rounded sniper, with or without costume.

I would go with Hel though. Even today I still dread seeing her on defense more than other two. That mana block is annoying, and if it hits uncharged cleanser then the attacker has a problem.

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Victor is decent on offense, but not as good as Hel or c.Sartana. Between those 2, I’d pick Hel because of mana control, but you can’t go wrong with either one.

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It makes sense, my only concern is that opponents will go heavy red, so Lianna will receive heavy fire.

I would repeat colors at wings, so it will be less attractive for the opponents to stack against them

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Vote for costumed Sartana. You already have Telly to slow your opponents down, no need for Victor. You want your remaining heroes to kill big and kill fast. She’s a fighter, so even more of a bonus.

Hel is more offensive focus. She can be countered on defense and you also rely on the AI to be smart, which it isn’t.


Seconding everything The Schmoo (and others) have said. For wing…costumed Sartana.

I am jealous of your Hel though.

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Hel remains the best hero in the game. Easy choice here.

Edit: Defensively C. Sartana is better, but defense is not worth considering if you have a Hel waiting for Tabbards.

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+1 for Hel. She’s just amazingly fun to play with.

Not to hijack, but here goes. Domitia or Sartana?

I’m ok on purples in general. Hel, Ursena, Seshat, Clarissa, BWolf and C-Rigard. Domitia was my first 5*. She’s been sitting at 3.70 for almost 2 years. I also have rogue emblems for Domitia. Wizard emblems are being split between Hel and Guin, so no emblems for Sartana. Either of which are going to be used on 6th AW line. Domitia would also be used for rare holy titans for dispel. Is Sartana that much better than Domitia? If I pull Jabberwock in Wonderland then it’s a non-issue…

@MrGeetz you naughty hijacker!

The only way Dom is in that conversation is if you have her costume, which you’ve not mentioned

Also, you have Doms paywalled big sister Seshat, who seshats all over Dom.

I would go Sartana

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I have neither costume, so that’s one vote for Sartana.

I’d vote for Dom in your case. Even though you have Seshat, Sartana wouldn’t get any emblems. That is deciding factor for me.

I should also answer the original question @Aljaffe

In my opinion Sartana is a superior defensive wing to Hel. However, if this is your first set of fives, I wouldn’t focus on defense

Hel and Sartana are both very worthy recipients of tabards, and I think Hel shades it in terms over overall utility. She is the queen of legendary events, and a super attacker. Sartana is also great, but I’d go Hel first

Actually, I have DOMITIA and VICTOR maxed, and I have MIKI for the events, works quite ok with the 3 round silencing and buff (last few round is bit harder of the big events, but with potions ok, and now I have Sif on max)

Sarta with costume bonus: 728/735/1520
Sartana in costume: 685/771/1558
Hel: 745/692/1328

Still suggest Hel over Sartana?

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Sartana costume owner here. I’d choose costume Sartana out of your three heroes purely for defence reason.

However, I’d still choose Hel over costume Sartana any day overall. Hel is more versatile.