Sartana, Domitia or Grimble, who makes the best purple tank?

My alliance currently uses blue heroes for war tanks but is contemplating the switch to purple in the next couple of months, at least on a trial basis. That being said, which of the above mentioned heroes will best fit that role? I have Sartana fully leveled and emblemed, Domitia at 3.7 and Grimble just started. I have the mats to take one of the later two to final levels.

Please note I also have all of the classic four star heroes fully leveled including Cyprian however he will not be getting any paladin emblems as they are all on Frida who is my current tank. I also do not plan on doing any Atlantis pulls going forward as I want to save my gems for Season 3 (although I will do a couple of event pulls for a chance at the February and March HOTM).

Out of these 3 heroes, Grimble is the best tank imo.

But I wouldn’t ascend him just for that. Maxing Domitia will help you so much more (esepcially on offense) than Grimble will. She’s still decent with her talent and holy def up. So my vote goes to maxing Domitia and using her as your purple tank. :slight_smile:

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Logically speaking I agree with you on Domitia, but Grimble just looks like a lot of fun to use. I have plenty of snipers already and want to begin leveling some of my more quirky heroes like Grimble and Inari (who is also sitting on the sidelines waiting for a final dart).

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Grimble may have most tanky stats but that doesn’t make a good tank… His skill is useless on that position and even if someone was silly enough to take minion heroes against Grimble tank, Grimble would fire likely before any minions are created. And with his dmg that shot would do nothing.

Out of these 3 I would vote for Domitia with her elemental shield, but really, the correct answer is none of these. Consider other tank options. These will get you to platinum max, and mostly because the other 4 heroes having the job done.


Id say that your three choices are all 3rd rated tanks… so Id just go with the one you have already maxed, Sartana.

Please note this is for war only, not for regular raiding. On a side note, personally I’m not concerned with levels, ranking, platinum, diamond, feldspar, cheese whiz or whatever else. If I get beat, I get beat.

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Guess you don’t like better loot?

No, I do. I’m in diamond but I’m also not looking for top spot rankings. Wasn’t trying to sound flippant with my prior response, sorry if it came across that way.

My alliance had me use yellow tank while my yellows are terrible so I have tanked with Joon. So what my war defense performance was on low percentile, at least I maxed Joon over let’s say Guardian Owl, who may have been more tanky but terrible anyway.

My advice would be tank with Sartana and focus on other heroes selection. You will change alliance or they will change back to blue in no time, but Tabbards spent on something bad will never come back.

If you don’t plan to summon much or don’t believe in your luck or have 12 spare tabbards then go with Dom, she will be far more useful on final ascension than this goat with dwarf attached.

Appreciate it, thank you. I’ll stick with Sartana then should the switch come to fruition.

Sartana is the best out of those 3.

She also will be useful everywhere.

Grimble is too niche and will never be scary as a tank. He has very weak attack.

Domitia is good but compared to sartana, she is below her, as sartana is fast mana and hard hitter

You can see how maxed grimble performs in this video, his attack is super weak

In my honest opinion, I would save your mats and emblems and use what you already have - Sartana.
Good luck

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Go Sartana for tank. She has a bit of bulk to her sniping so that is what I would advise.

If you have some spare rogue emblems, Domitia is a better tank than Sartana imho. Her talent and secondary effect are much more useful than Sartana’s damage and dot.

That being said, as above, neither are particularly terrifying to any war opponent who normally plays in diamond.


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