Sargasso's Curse pic

Sargasso's Curse pic :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you.


Thanks Boolz!:slight_smile:

I will have it in 2 weeks worst case, when the pirates event comes.

Either way we get a new HOTM Ranvir starting tomorrow, who may have a new status effect icon too. If someone would like to help with his icon, that’d be much appreciated! All you need to do is share the image of his status screen with his buff active. Like this:

Preferably of the full screen so it doesn’t suffer in quality if you crop it on your phone :wink:

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Here ya go. Unleveled Sargasso.


I’ve been overly lucky with HotM lately. I’m hoping for this streak to continue for just a tiny bit longer…PLEASE Baby RNGesus, PLEASE!!!

@Kerridoc thank you so much!

Papa haha don’t worry if you don’t get Ranvir. I wouldn’t want anyone in debt for the sake of a guide lol :wink:

Lol, I’m out of likes but hell, I’m letting my 5*’s sit for now until I get the AM needed for my remaining 4*’s…still I pulled Hel from my 1st Atlantis coins last week, is it THAT FAR FETCHED that I would add Ranvir to my 3 Frida’s, 2 Anzogh’s and Margaret??

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