Sargasso vs. Obakan

Obakan almost to 3/60, Sargasso at 1/1. Do I use the AM’s (I have enough to ascend Obakan) now or wait for Sargasso? I didn’t think the old salty dog was any good but I saw a high-end raid team with him the other day and am reconsidering his utility.

I have no other 5* purple heroes right now. Also planning for the best long-term team, as Obakan is plenty serviceable at 3/60 but don’t want to squander the Tab’s.

I can post roster if necessary.


Sargasso with his heal debuff can be usefull in raids and wars, Obakan is too easy to kill for me when I raiding him. If you add your heroes list it can help, but I don’t think I will change my opinion.

Go for your roster please.
As you looking for a long-term team, know your classes is essential.

I tend to ignore obakan whenever i face him on raids. He never be a threat for me.
Sargasso is harder than obakan imho

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