🏴‍☠ Sargasso – 5* Dark/Purple from Pirates of Corellia

Poor sargasso, nobody even wants to talk about him.:disappointed_relieved:

OMG! This is depressing. I just love the Pirates. Visually. And they have guns.

I have and love Lady Locke, Peters is good but Boomer is depressing. I would love to build a Pirates team for fun and aesthetics.

So I saved my gems for ages, pulled 60 or 70(can’t remember, for me that’s going really hard) of the damn things, no Finley, no Marie-Therese(probs my favorite artwork), no Kestrel, but…


And 5 more Peters, some Vodniks and another Boomer.

So here I am, depressed. Sargasso’s not popular.:sob:

He sits at 1-1 on my bench together with Obakan, Horghall, Owl, etc. Too many good purples ahead of him.

I think he’s pretty good, a 72% healing cut that lasts 4 rounds is a long time, could be great in field aid or against 2+ healers on defense. I have Rana and her healing prevention lasts only 2 rounds and it’s been useful.

If you plan on running mono, it helps to have one non-sniper on the team.

Also, a level 23 mana troop could make him more generically useful as well.

But yeah, his power is situational but still useful, you just need to pick your team match-up in war.


It would have been better if his damage is equal to all three and not minor nearby. That way, his healing cut would be relevant to all three hit by it. A good damage to three that can be healed only a little would be dangerous for the opposing team.

And since the healing cut can be cleansed and that there are plenty of average and fast cleansers, he will just be left with hit target and minor nearby at average speed which is underwhelming for an event hero.

If his present skills remain as is and his speed remains average, he should at least be given a 3rd skill. Perhaps a cleanse just as what was given to g.kong.

He is really outdated by the newer heroes.


Considering the odds for getting him… he’s pitiful. Even more than khiona.

Having lady loke, krestel and Marie alongside him doesn’t help neither. The overpowered Finley also makes him look bad.

Even Peter would be a better pull for me.

His artwork is super, at least. He is a splashy version of Perseus - a weak HOTM.


@Wormwood I know uses or used sargasso in his war raid videos. Any postived things you can say about him.

I did use him for a long time actually, he was one of my favorite heroes to use with Panther, other splash attack heroes and/or snipers. I’ll have to say he better suited for the old meta, however, there’s still a couple of things that can make him useable. 1) He has a decent attack, not the best not the worst but can cause significant damage if paired with Panther or other defense down heroes and 2) his ability to negate healing is HUGE, one of the best in the game actually. This is can be play a huge factor in your favor during heal aid wars.

I don’t expect many will want to max him while Dark element is flooded with so many good heroes, however, I wouldn’t consider a bad option, specially when you’re limited on options. I maxed him because I like playing with the heroes I have and I hate sitting on mats for chance at “better” more popular options. I just learned to play with what I had at the time and it taught me that there aren’t as many “bad” heroes as people think, just more popular options…


And that’s why you pick a war team that doesn’t have a cleanser or you time it better. I swear, people just want to take the same (mono) team to every fight, expect to win, and don’t even want to think about strategy or tactics. It’s sad.

But yeah, he’s definitely outdated compared to some of the new heroes. And yeah, compared to Finley he sucks, almost every hero sucks compared to Finley. He sucks compared to Jabberwock too. But it doesn’t mean they aren’t usable.

Underwhelming doesn’t mean unusable right? I use him in healing field aid. But i still see him as underwhelming as an event hero.

If field aid is not for healing, would have been better to bring a damage dealer to take down the healer instead of preventing a large percentage of the heal to 3 allies.

Also, i mostly use 3-2 stack and not mono, looking for synergies that best suited against the enemy tank and 1 flank. I do attack enemies with as high as 700tp disadvantage and have a good percentage of winning. I just have to say this because i do not know if you referring to me as one of the “people” who does not think of strategy and tactics.

Yeah, he is underwhelming as an event hero, or even if you’re still working on your core squad, but like everything it depends on what else you have.

I was referring to your cleansing comment. These days, not many teams have cleansers, so his healing cut is still a factor. With Rana, although her healing cut cannot be cleansed, more often I wish it lasted 4 rounds instead.

Booohooo, that’s so depressing! I love those Pirates, did a huge pull, hoping for Finley, Kestrel or Marie Therese(for pure style) and something like 16k gems later I get the ol’ Sargasso…

I have the Lady Locke and I love her, there’s about 4 Peters around and a Boomer. I was hoping to build a pirate crew.

It’s really annoying how SG neglects these older heroes, especially in light of releasing someone like Finley. All the development seems to go into shiny new things, the old gang left behind. And of course they’ll never receive costumes. So we’re stuck.

good news for you if you already dont know.

Sargasso just got buffed. The next update should increase his damage at least


No way! I had no idea! Thanks for the update!:pirate_flag:

Well not guaranteed… @Polentinha didn’t state that the balance change is in BETA… so there is no guarantee that it will make it out to live game…

Read more here:
🧪 Early Information on Hero Balance Updates [Part of The Beta Beat v31]


Harharharrr! I’m not holdin’ me breath, me hearties!:pirate_flag:

Captain Feathersword??

@Guvnor gave you the alert I’ve forgot the give. It’s not guaranteed but you can start crossing fingers. I personally think it’s a very welcome and fair upgrade.

Hope its implemented for you ^^

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This buff is nothing to change Sargosso. İ think should be an additional skill like rebirth as zombie or hit more enemies


I like rebirth. Or ameonas ghost form just like pirates of the carribean’s captain barbosa’s immortality when under the moonlight. Anyway, sargasso is taken from that character so why not take his immortality also. :sweat_smile:

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Despite he gets buffed or not he can be very nice against those costume heros with heal per turn

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