🎅 Santa's Challenge (Christmas) 2020 - Teams, Strategy, FAQs, Discussion, and Links – Starts December 01

Thank you @SamMe for the compliments!

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didn’t get mother north or santa for years. give me ghost of christmas past

No scope? Inst there a 4* mat on normal

You’ll get the telescope on the advanced/hard stage 12. :+1:t3:

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Haaaa didn’t see the scope there. Nice. I think it should be on normal 24. Just my opinion. Hmmm scope and rings… Where that’s familiar to me??? Maybe on pov. Why repeat the items?? Odnt need them for now. Pov Wil be made but free this time.

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I think that it has been laid out that with Springvale we get a tonic, Sand Empire darts, and Morlovia a tabard. Santa’s Challenge is generous with getting the other two 4* mats. It just unintentionally happened to be the same with the current POV. :slightly_smiling_face:


Okay everybody,

most of you are not sold on Baldur as hero. What I am sharing with you right now, is another meta hero setup, where Baldur would shine! Santa hero Krampus just became best buddy with Baldur .

Frigg - Baldur - Krampus - Baldur - Zeline (Heimdall or Mica are also great options for R wing).

Why is this setup especially good :

  1. Krampus brings Taunt and minions which keeps two Baldurs happy with buffed HP for loooong time
  2. Krampus brings attack dmg buff, which Baldurs will happily use every turn unlike other heroes!
  3. Frigg brings defense down, which Baldurs will hapilly use every turn onlike any other heroes! Defense down on every hero means, Baldur targetting cant be stupid and attack target without def down.
  4. You wish to bring green vs Krampus? Fine, two Baldurs will be very glad, you bring weak tile dmg so their boosted shield stays for eternity.
  5. You bring blue vs Krampus so you can deal good dmg to Baldurs? Face the wraith of Zeline bonus to blue dmg which is empowered by Frigg defense down first . Also, you will deal normal dmg to Krampus instead empowered which will give him extra sturdiness.
  6. Zeline attack down, so you do less dmg vs Baldurs and keep them above 100% HP. Also dispell as bonus.
  7. Dont even think of going red vs Krampus. You will never bend him with weak tiles

Heimdall can work with HP boosts to keep Baldurs supported, attack buff after Krampus dies and potentially reviving Krampus and Baldurs who can after that heal themselves on their own.

Mica can work with def buff and dmg sharing, which makes Baldurs invurneable twin towers. On top of that, Mica make them cast special faster, so they heal back 1000+ HP

Who will challenge me this time? :stuck_out_tongue:


My version of English guide:

@edit stage 12 also fixed


I completed 6 stages on Advanced. So far, no items used but I have a feeling this is going to change soon.

Didn’t need Proteus yet but I’ll start using him soon.

This is the team I used:

Skadi in. Otherwise Heimdall, Miki, Sif and C-Viv. But only for last few stages of advanced, as otherwise it’s doable even with my standard farming team.

Completed 4 stages on Advantaged. No items and didn’t need Proteus yet.

Teams used depend on color.
Heroes use so far: Kiril.C/CB, Magni, Vela, Telluria, Boldtusk, Noor 3.70, Marjana, Rigard.C, Tibs.C

Just like before in Helloween, plan to use with tier level:
Easy: 3* heroes only
Normal: 4* Heroes only
Advance: 5* and 4* mix

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Anyone seen this yet? I’ve only seen the duck replacements, there’s more of them, they seem more frequent and faster - but no sleigh (or dragon).

I say duck replacements as they definitely are not ducks, they chirp rather than quack or honk. (They were bats for Morlovia.)

This is the first event in which I wasn’t able to win the last advanced stage at the first time.:scream::scream:

Luckily, Proteus saved me one more time.
I went with blue as I planned to kill Santa first, but ironically, MN was the first one to be defeated.
I had to use some small mana potions.

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Then two options remaining. Mono purple or mono yellow.:man_shrugging:t4:

I’d like to fight against this team.:wink::muscle:t4:

If I get Krampus and another Baldur I will surely set it up :slight_smile:

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Legendary just finished ! Guinevere and Lady of the Lake are really helpful against bosses.


Basically in any event Proteus, Mist and Lotl are the key to easy victory

I typed that part from memory so it may not be there… Or it may just not be enabled yet cause Santa hasn’t started travelling the world yet!

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@Guvnor, I updated my post with the Challenge graphic. I replaced the 3 new avatars with those properly featured within the game. Feel free to update your OP.

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I just finished advanced, used same 4/1 team for all stages : Freya, Proteous (18), C Rigard (18), Jabberwock (18), and Garnet (9), pretty stress free, doubling health with minions, plus Proteous probably overkill .

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