Santa's Challenge Advanced Stage 24 Completed

I wanna post my video of my team defeating the last stage.
and let others post their wins too so other players can see what they are not doing right to succeed.
So if you have your own video please post so others can succeed. please post ur team and items you brought

Team: Alberich, Wilbur, Ares, Natalya, Vivica
Items: Minor Heal Potion, Heal Potion, Super Heal Potion, Revive Scroll
Alberich: Heal over time . small mana gain. and chance revive.
Wilbur: def up. def down enemies . and spread the damage.
Ares: heal nearby over time. atk and critical up.
Natalya: mana control and burn.
Vivica: cure status affects and heal. def up

Took 10 minutes for the Bosses. Slow and steadily burn Mother North to Victory.

Congratulations, Resol! :+1:

I’d really like to see if anyone with a 4* team has managed to beat the event, because I gave up trying with my maxed 4* team at stage 18 when it started to become a chore.

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I’d be very surprised if someone could complete the advanced event with only 4* heroes, but if I were going to try I’d bring a healer heavy team, mana control heroes (Hansel, Merlin, Gretel), and super mana pots, arrows, bombs, and dragon attacks.

Hope someone is able to do it :slight_smile:


I hope so too!

My team was BT, Gretel, Kashhrek, Wilbur and Grimm. Bombs, axes, mana and health potions. I also tried the same but with Kiril in Grimm’s place. After 4 failed attempts and a refusal to pay 75 gems to continue, it stopped being fun for me. There must be someone out there!

I beat it with Gretel, Vivica (3x70), Scarlett, Gormek, Boldtusk. I took Arrows, Tornados, Mana Pots, Heal Pots. That’s almost a full 4* team, especially with Vivica at 3x70, lol. It was pretty straight forward, I focused Mother North down first. With Tornado’s/Mana Pots, she never once got her special off. After that, it was easy!

Edit, I beat all but stages 19, 23, and 24, (The ones with Mother North as the final boss), with a full 4* roster.


Anyone wanna see a 15 minute video of me barely making it past stage 23?



I completed Advanced stage 24 with the following team and items:

Boldtusk (4.70) - Sabina (4.70) - Merlin (4.70) - Guardian Panther (4.35) - Marjana (3.58)
Potent Healing Potions - Time Stops - Bomb Attacks - Tornado

I took my time and cleared garbage tiles/thawed tiles before advancing to each round. It took a while, but BT and Sabina were sufficient to keep me near full health through the mobs. Killed Mother North first, then Buddy, then finished off Santa. I used time stops if Merlin wasn’t ready and the bosses were close to charged. Sometimes using a tornado got Merlin ready :smiley: .

A 4* ascension item is always worth using these items! :wink:


if it helps tell us not what to do :rofl::wink:


This is the team I used (only a screenshot of the initial board from the video).

All but Marjana charged, board prepped with reds and diamonds. Fired all heros, poppped the diamonds and did combos. Worked very well.

edit added link to boss stage


Very nice board
don’t be scared show your video. to help everyone see how you did it.

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Sped up 1.6x to get it under 10 minutes. :rofl:


I dont hava vid but Im using
Wilbur-BT-Merlin-Khagan-Rigard(all maxed)
Axes, bombs, dragon attacks, 100% mana potions
MN died im 2-3 minutes and Santa and Buddy will burn by dragons :slight_smile:

Wowe Mother North held up after all them items and hits. Scary…

Yeah I didn’t really have any snipers besides magni and blue to green is not the best haha. I knew I would be heavy on mats so I went in strong. Started first part of stage with ax to weaken enemies so I could build up mana and didn’t get a single green tile, tarlak was down to 250hp and had to burn tornados to get his special going to start bringing his health back up.

In my case it was a team of Azlar, Wilbur, Sir Lancelot, Guardian Falkon and Rigard.
Items: 4 axes, 4 bombs, 5 dragon fire, 5 time stop.

You called! Used only 4* that you could get from TCs so no proteus, Merlin Hansel etc.


In my first didn’t use nothing to see how far I can get it; soo bad, however I beat it in my second try, good luck everyone. CHOYOMY ;). I can’t unplug my video ; (

U finished the advantages staged with this combination? What battle item did u use? Awesome!

Bom, axe, dragon, super mana potion :wink::wink:

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