🎅 Santa's Challenge 2019: Teams, Strategy, FAQs, Discussion, and Links – Christmas Event

No big guns?
I can try your suggestion

I have some five maxed… They didn’t help me so far lol…

Yes, it is a hard challenge. It was for me anyway.

How did you finish it?

It took several tries. I don’t remember my exact team setup but I know it included Hansel and proteus. Probably Wilbur, Anzogh , and Lady Locke. Some mana pots for proteus and Hansel.

But it took a few tries to get a decent board at the end.

Nice… yes it was tough…

Ok… than. For all the help

At the end no mana control no bombs just…not sure really…

Maybe it was this hurucandms or what ever name they have… They gave some important mana…


Looks like you got it. Good job

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That looks like success to me!

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Can we unpin this now.

Once you view the topic, it should become unpinned. I learned this quite a while ago when asking for a different thread to be unpinned (so I get where you are coming from).

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Reviving topic for a minute … wondering :thinking: … would it be possible to have Xmas in July for 4 days or 3?

This would give us another chance to get the Xmas heros. Still missing Buddy and Mother North. :wink:

EDIT: And, as an incentive for E&P, give them a chance to make more money.

EDIT: @zephyr1 @littleKAF: can you pass this idea on to the devs or SG (whichever one makes these kinds of decisions)?

Hiya @amrath, not sure if you know or not but, good news is that there already is a seasonal event in July.

It’s the SAND EMPIRE challenge (summer).

According to the 2020 sneak peak, this event is due for a face lift this year. Probably for this one tho will just be a family bonus added (rather than new heroes).

Currently the heroes are:







Thanx @Guvnor , you’re the best :hugs:


Any possible word on new/additional Christmas heroes this year? Seems to be an ongoing thing, for the last 2 seasonal events, and maybe Halloween will possibly verify?

Yes of course… springvale now has: 3 legendarys, 2 epics and 2 rare heroes… the same went to sand empire… so… I think the 4 seasonal events will bring 7 heroes… Halloween will be completed (it only has 3 heroes now) so, 4 new are coming… 2 of them will be legendarys. And Christmas has 4… so there will be 3 new heroes. I dont have the official info of this, but believe me, it will happen!

SGG focused on challenge events in 2019. A 2020 goal is seasonal events. We know they’re updating them, but don’t know the details. I suspect @Jamir is correct. Nothing for halloween or Christmas is in beta yet. All we have is this:


Thank you, didn’t see that in my searches. Quite excited to see who they bring for Christmas.

Me too.
Who else can people think of?
Maybe other reindeer? I honestly can’t think of anyone else… maybe more elves ? Group of elves as one hero…

Maybe the grinch or scrooge or… i dunno

Hmm. I’m not sure.



And I bet he’d do DoT + Probably silence you from sing special skills (because he has frozen you, obviously). Healing too would be good from him, since he is just water so it’d be easy for him to technically heal.

Next! lol

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