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Forget the silver token. It was from a chest or sth.


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So buying the 5 0.99 gems unlocks the 700 gems and tokens but is that free or is that another $5 ? It’s nice deal just want to know if it’s $5 for all or $10 for all. Thanks.

10$ total 5*.99 + 4.99

I was really thinking it was going to be way more awesome since it spanned 5 days.

Tried a handful of times to complete adv 24, used up my battle items and nada! Can’t seem to beat it. Which 5 hereos would you take? Your suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance :wink:

Miki, Boldtusk, Falcon, Scarlett, Elena

Items: Health pot, mana pot, dragon attacks and bombs.

Try to charge up all your heroes before the last stage and try to make a red diamond if possible, or atleast keep a handful of red tiles in the board.


OMG I can’t believe it! I completed it using your advice and using only 3 fire bombs!!! I’m shocked and thrilled! Thank you!!!


Now I’m curious as to why this worked. Elena is slow and usually dies b4 her specials go off, Scarlet too, Miki I get and Boldtusk perhaps, though he isn’t my strongest healer.

I was using a rainbow team. Is color stacking better? Hmmmm

In my opinion, color stacking is better. I usually go 3-2, but vary. I only feel rainbow is good on defense.

This combo gave you an elemental defense down, a heal and attack boost, and high attack stats. It also decreases defense, provides riposte, and controls mana with the silence. Never mind the big boom Miki gives on offense.

Glad you were able to get them there rings. :slight_smile:


Yes, beating that level really made my day as I was struggling yet determined to succeed. Couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks again. I will take this new knowledge forward. Much appreciated❤ Happy New Year🙂


Yay, finally did it ! After at least 10 tries on the last level.

I had to max out Gormek to succeed (that made me use all my hidden blades and made my brand new mystic rings useless for now :sob: )

So I had to go mono with:

Boldtusk +12 - Gormex 4.70 - Ares 3.70 - Scarlett +7 - Azlar 3.70

I went with super health potion, axes, bombs and dragon attacks.

I used all the advice given here and in the end it was really easy. I got lucky to have a red diamond ready to fire on the final stage though. Then used just a few items to kill MN, then again a few to kill Santa and then it got really easy with only Buddy.

Thanks a lot everyone, and especially Scarecrow for all the advice !

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I’m sorry to say that but I got Ares on my very first single Atlantis pull… I know it’s unfair. Good luck, I hope you’ll get one soon !

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Cleared took this for the final stage


Zynga not SG.
SG was fantastic then Zynga bought controlling interest 80%. Straight down the rabbit hole like farmville.

54 pulls (24 EHT and 3x10) for Buddy and Rudolph. At least I got these :slight_smile:

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Was very fortunate and got MN to drop this go around on 21 tokens and 900 gems total.

Would like to get Buddy, but since I send my emblems to 5* if possible (my only emblemed 4* are ones who I don’t have class equals at 5* level…save John who will never lose them), he isn’t a total priority.

What is going on??..

How do you finish this dreaded level?
Last stage of advanced… it I’d a real challenge for me…

Santa and buddy double kill and mn heals them

Nothing worked for me
No mono blue
No wu no Miki no Hansel

I don’t take or have mana potion so my question is how to do it with no heavy items…

And is it hard for everyone or just me?..

First off, this will likely get merged into the existing Santas Challenge Thread

Secondly I would offer the following advice:
Team composition - Try to colour stack red. Target MoNo first then deal with the others. If you have a healer/cleanser take them (e.g. Rigard).

Items - Take as many hitting ones as you can if you struggle. Things like Axes, Bomb Attacks, Arrows or Dragon Attacks. Also things like Timestops help. Dragon Banners & antidotes are good counters to Buddy & Santa’s debuffs.

Play through - Save your items for the final round. Only use them if it is dire. On each level, I advise killing all bar 1 mob & then setting up the board for the next round. Make diamonds & dragons on the board. Charge your specials & heal the heroes.
It is IMPERATIVE to go into the final stage with all specials charged and at least 1, preferably 2 or 3 diamonds on the board.

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I can take bt plus two(I have kiril plus one Sabina plus 18 and rigard plus 9 but not red)

Wilbur plus 18
Anzogh plus 8
But all rest of the reds are not best
Keiliy and khagan 3.70

Green potion I instead if cleanser
I can take Miki but at some point he can’t hold them anymore
The same for hansel and proteous

I don’t use items on the way. Just the last stage…

My best run was with 2 Frida 3.70 and Wilbur but then they just died…lol

I am really confused from this stage…

I would say:

Wilbur, Anzogh, Kelile, Rigard, Proteus.

1 set of mana pots to keep healer going & proteus charged in final battle
2 sets of hitting items
1 set of cleanser item (dragon banner or antidotes)

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