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Thanks. I don’t have Falcon but I do have others you had mentioned. I have always others you now mentioned but Merlin. All mine need to be leveled way more than they are now. I’m proud to have completed advanced stage 14 with a 3100 team.


Sorry to here you are having a bad time but first you must understand that you are dealing with three minion makers so its not they are not recieving damage its that there minions are acting as shields for lack of a better word. Mana control is huge for last stage. Hansel gretel, proteus, hel, even li xui shine here. Time stops are also huge as they remove mana from all of them. I usually take 5 big mana pots, time stops, dragon bombs and tornadoes, tornadoes allow you to mana your whole team, mana pota allow u to charge one of your mana dispellers during a bad board, dragon. Attack puts a dot on them, and the time stops, remove all mana from all three. Take your time and time your specials and time stop usage to take out mother north first. The biggest thing I noticed was you have no healer which is a no no for the amount of hp those guys have. If you have anymore questions or are still struggling feel free to get back to us, but please, reframe from the name calling and swearing, it gives a bad vibe and you are trying a level repeatedly and not realizing you needed a healer is the biggest issue.


Colen - weak
Master Lepus - ok
Cyprian - weak
Kadilen - weak
Caedmon - weak

That team can’t beat the Christmas Dream team. Who else do u have? U better bring some tornadoes, revive scrolls, and time stops with that line up

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Ok but zephyr is right though. The problem isn’t team power, it’s the choice of heroes. That team doesn’t have a lot of damage output. It has no way to deal with the debuffs of Santa/Buddy. And I don’t know why you would bring 2 green heroes to the fight when you know the bosses are red/green. I’m pretty sure when you said the bosses are taking no damage it’s because you were hitting them with special skills while your attack was debuffed, and they had minions which absorb damage. They act as little meat shields.
Well better luck next time. Try stacking red or something.


Colen - not a bad choice
Lepus - bad choice. Not as colour. Because Santa is red, blue is OK. But doesn’t help your team with anything. Grimm would have been much better. Kiril, even better. You don’t start such mission without even a healer. This is basic knowledge…
Cyprian - I won’t ever understand the players who bring Cyprian or Boril in attack. Don’t help your team with anything and the fact they are used, it means the player accepts to be hit over and over again, to justify their purpose. Worst idea ever. Especially with such bosses.
Kadilen - though makes your line-up more resistant to bosses specials, not recommended. She is green. And in this mission the tile damage weights the most.
Caedmon - what is his purpose?

As you see, it is not the game fault; only yours. There is a thread opened 1 month ago, where many members asked for help and advices.

Simply, you should have post some screenshots with your heroes and some of us would have advised you the best line-up for this mission, items to bring and strategy to use. Because there is a strategy, in the end of stage 3, when the player should prepare the heroes and the board.

Anyway, you won’t see a single gem back. You spent them willingly and was only your fault, as I explained above.


@BOBtheBEAR how many maxed 4*/5* healers do you have? Bring them all.

5x Harpoons
5x Dragon Attack
5x Bomb Attacks
5x Axe Attacks

Kill the mob waves without spending any items, using many healers is the key.

Throw all Dragon Attacks, Bomb Attacks, and Axe Attacks when the boss wave started.

Throw 2x Harpoons to Santa, 2x Harpoons to Mother North, and 1x Harpoon to Buddy.

Santa & MN should be dead by then while Buddy will be left with small ammount of HP, kill him with your heroes/puzzle.

Do not ever spend gems to use continue.


As @zephyr1 said:

But if you are not satisfied,

I will help him do better:

Minions act as a meat shield which took damage intended against a hero.

Suppose they have a minion with 200 HP. When you match puzzle with total damage only 150, the minion will lose 150 HP but the heroes will not lose HP.

They will only lose damage if your attack is above the minion HP, suppose you deal 300 damage, the minion will die because they only have 200 HP, and the remaining damage (300-200=100) will be dealt against the heroes, so they will lose 100 HP.

This is why in your attempt at damaging them, half of the time it didn’t reduce their HP.

This is not a glitch, not a bug.


Honestly, my key to victory in the last stage of Advanced was the purchase of Dragon Attacks, Bomb Attacks, Time Stops, and Potent Mana and using a maxed Talent Grid 7 Hansel, who deals a mana degeneration as part of his special in my line up. You have to take out Mother North first. You have to. Her having the chance to bring the other two back to life can be devastating. I kept mana degeneration from Hansel on her using mana potions if need be the entire fight, but the Time Stops kept her and the other two from gaining mana for like four or five turns also. It was a game changer for me. The Dragon Attacks and Bomb Attacks helped levy heavy damage when the tile configuration in the puzzles started to suck. I did not spend gems to continue this fight. I did it with this line-up:


I agree with zephyr. Ive just beaten the bosses 2nd try with a 3500 team. Suitability is always key over power.
I had Boldtusk 20emblems, Wilbur 4/40, Falcon 3/60, Marjana 3 emblems and wu kong.
I just built up a decent red board before facing the bosses with manas filled up. Dragon bomb, Axes and Meteor shower x5 takes their life to less than a half and then just use up heroes specials in the right order. Finally special up Wu Kong and the tiles done enough to make Mother North and Buddy to dissapear. Santa was an easy kill after with antidotes in the 4th box.
I could have had many other options similar to zephyr. I think I wouldnt have spent more than 2 turns on the gems and only if Im sure I can finish the game off, with the heroes respawning. Anger can push people too far


I finished the challenge after 7-10 days with not a single continue. My summons were really bad so all my heroes (except Proteus) came from Training Camps. I made sure I always had Proteus active. I brought with me Tornado / Time Stop / Dragon Attack / Bomb Attack. I only used the attacks at the bosses stage. I think this is doable with a decent line up and the right items.


Team power is just a number, some people think that highest TP = strongest team and they are wrong. Truth is TP does not shows everything, I’ve seen defense team with pretty high TP but with all those ■■■■■■ slow heroes whitch obviously easier to beat than those better synergised team with lower TP.
As for the topic, why even bother with what heroes should you use since your hero pool maybe not deep enough, simply bring your best hitters and a healer that makes sure you go through the first a few steps before the bosses, along with arrow ×5 + axe ×5 + bomb ×5 + dragon atk ×5 and throw everything on the last step, and problem solved. Sorry for the gems bra, there maybe 0.001 chance they will give it back to you but don’t lost hope lol.


Carpet bomb them if you’re having trouble.

20 angry elves.


Just like everyone else has mentioned, Team Power is “nothing” when it comes to things.
I can’t remember what my Team Power was, but I think it was definitely below 3500 or even 3400 and I managed to complete it “easily”. Again, as others have mentioned, it’s about the team synergy and things like mana control and healers. They alone helped me a lot.

Here is what I used on my much weaker team than you used and I completed it first try:

2 Proteus (both 3/60)
Miki (3/67)
Rigard (max +8)
Kiril (max +7) for the final stage.

All defense, but it worked perfectly as I had 3 for mana/special control + double attack boost (miki + kiril).

Instead of getting angry and arguing with everyone, why not try work with them - they are trying to help and are very good. They have helped me be able to complete stuff. Take on board people’s advice, regardless of how much you think you know. It’s not all about “attack” power. I mean look at mine, I had NO hitters and all were defense, I had to rely on tiles.

But as also said: Dragon Attacks + Carpet Bombs + Axes.

I didn’t read EVERYTHING in here but did you ever explain what the 12k gems were spent/lost on? were they spent on continues or what?

Maybe show us your entire roster so people can suggest a team to use and so you can beat it??


Not exactly true. I could only manage the last level with cyprian. All the rest were healers to keep him alive but i managed it till the end.
Others levels were done without him…

Edit: he guided me also through atlantis hard. I found him very valuable.


Dude! It my experience that Cyprian and Kashhrek are probably the two biggest pains in the @ss 4-star heroes to have to slice through when they are at Tank position. I have lost to teams in raids and wars with team powers as much as 300-400 less than me all because of Cyprian’s unforgivable and seemingly neverending counterattack for the Front 3.

This was my team for last stage advanced and i beat them pretty easy, 5 bombs and 5 axes On empty slots
This team is not more then 3450

Re the guy that spent 12K GEMS , pity he was throwing a tantrum , if he was semi controlled he would have found out SG didn’t rob him as he did mention his hits not registering , I think his issue was that buddy/Santa went off and due to the attack down that his hits were weak as

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I didn’t mean to disrespect those heroes like that. That team he used is weak against Santa and friends. Even with emblems. He didnt even bring a healer

Who did he use? I never saw what line-up was listed.

Successfully (and finally) finished the difficult stages with the below team. Thanks everyone!


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