🎅 Santa's Challenge 2019: Teams, Strategy, FAQs, Discussion, and Links – Christmas Event

On my main, I can do all of normal with my leveling team. Advanced I am gonna have to pull out the big guns.


Im curious if anyone think the normal stages are even worth the flags?

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Thank you, @zephyr1, for creating these types of threads. They and all the other 1001 things you and others create for this game are invaluable. The wealth of info gathered and shared here “bring joy” to my game. :heart_decoration:


Definitely. There’s not a lot, but there are some trainer heroes, a hidden blade, and a warm cape at stake. You’ve got over a month to complete it, so even one stage per day will get it done.


The tiles behave inconsistently on Santa’s Challenge levels. I have the behavior captured in this video.

On the first move, I create a green diamond even though one of the five tiles is frozen.

On the third move, I create a blue dragon with no frozen tiles, and this leads to a combo that involves four red tiles across the middle of the board. I would expect this to produce a red dragon, but it does not.

It seems incorrect to me that one move produces a diamond while the other does not produce a dragon.


If a special piece (dragon or diamond) would spawn on a tile that was covered by an ice block, the special piece won’t be created.

In the first case, the green diamond would spawn in the corner of the “L” shape, which didn’t have ice, so it spawned normally. In the second example, the red dragon was likely chosen to spawn on the second-from-left red tile with ice, so no dragon appeared.


I’ve changed the category to gameplay help and tactics, as I’m sure there will be others who will be asking the same question. Thanks for the explanation @lexinen.


Frozen tiles has to unfreeze to be used.
If you have two red tiles frozen and match them with another red tile only one red tile will become active and go up! The other two now become active in game play.

It’s no bug and @lexinen explained it better than I could. I may add, the red tiles would have produced a dragon if the frozen tiles were the extremes. But once the 4 line was interrupted, obviously that not counted as a 4 match.

Lotl could beat normal allone I think.

None of the bosses casted.


It’s funny you say that @Olmor because, I was expecting a much harder challenge :cry:. Just hope Legendary doesn’t fail to disappoint.


I am thinking of using this team all the way… even for hard level… will this team work n earn me the ring?

Could put a bit of Christmas music into the video? :woman_shrugging::sunglasses::+1:

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This was my team from start to end on the “normal” mode. I can say for a fact it won’t be my team on “advanced” though.

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@originaldaveo, I started normal with my mostly unmaxed 8/7 farming team just because. I brought it all the way through normal and am now halfway through advanced. Haven’t lost a hero yet and I’m finding it easy going. Way easier than the prior challenges.
I’m actually surprised my half arsed farming team is breezing through both settings. Let you know how it ends up

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This is the team I’m using to go through normal on my main account. I may switch out one or two for Advanced, depends on how it goes.

This is the team I took through normal on my alt, and will likely use to get through Advanced, since this is the strongest team I have.


Of course, when RNGesus gives you the shaft on summons, there has got to be other ways to keep entertained, in spite of the pretty crappy story line.

Ooh, 3 in stock for today’s offer. That’s new for Seasonal Offer Calendars. :thinking:


Yeah, right. I don’t know what to think of it… As C2P, there’s way too many offers lately for my taste. It becomes hard to know which offers are best value-for-money and to stick to your budget


Underwhelming rewards. Just want the cape really. So hard to get compass capes blades etc

Too see so many craft items I have hundreds of is a tad rubbish imho.

Make the rewards more useful and I’d play the event. All too similar to previous events hence I barely bother.

I mean right now I’m waiting on 8 energy to regenerate so I can win…

2 axe attacks
5 Crystal shards

Stage 17 :cry::scream:. Really SGG…junk.


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