🎅 Santa's Challenge 2019: Teams, Strategy, FAQs, Discussion, and Links – Christmas Event

Now that the event has finished, time to tackle advanced.

My team

I took Kingston to combat the blue minions, Wilbur def down/up and Boldie attack/healing, Magni some blue fire power for santa and Hel, her mana block. Battle items - I don’t know why I had antedotes - extra mana pots would have been a much better idea :woman_shrugging:.

The battle
I wasn’t paying 100% attention, and Kingston went down. Oops. Purple tiles were few and far between and my mana pots were also depleted. Why did I bring antedotes? :woman_facepalming:.

Santa and buddy had low HP but both still hit hard. Magni and Wilbur were soon to fall as the frozen blocks started to pile up :confounded:.

Mission completed - enjoyed the extra challenge :smile:.


Perhaps if you post your hero roster, someone can suggest a winning hero combination? GL as the rewards are worth the effort.

I beat this year’s Santa’s challenge using 2 Boldtusks, Scarlett, Gormek and the traitor Wu Kong. Took a fair amount of luck to get the tiles to line up while all the ice blocks got in the way. I’m not sure if this is a strategy a relatively new player should copy since it felt much more dependent on luck than other strategies. Mana control via Proteus / Hel / etc. would always be a safer strategy. But if all you have available to you are Training Camp heroes, you do have a path to victory.

Key thing would be to pack Dragon Banners instead of antidotes since they flip Santa’s and Buddy’s debuffs. If only I could pack more than 5 banners then I wouldn’t have worried so much.


Beat the bosses in final stage of difficult mode with Wilbur, Scarlett, Anzogh, BT and Colen.
Mana pots, dragon banner, bomb and timestop.
MN first. Without her, it’s game over for Santa and Rudolph.


Is there a calendar daily deals/offer from last year? I’d love to see what to expect in the coming days to save up for them. Thanks.

It took me a few seconds to search for it :confounded:.

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Thank you. I appreciate the help. I’m sorry I wasted a “few seconds” of your time. You are the best! :woman_shrugging:t2:

There’s one linked in the top post of this thread :man_shrugging:


I’m sorry. I am but a noob to this site. Merry Christmas! Thank all for your kindness! You are the best! :+1:t3:


Beat the final stage with that team:

Miki is crucial with his silencing and attack buff stacked with bt


Hello everybody! This is the Team I used to complete the Challenge in Advance Mode.


It was a gamble to use this team only for Advanced 24 of Santa’s Challenge… But it was all or nothing for me.
(Used Rigard in place of Wu Kong for the other stages)
Lianna made it to the Boss wave with about 300HP but she’s the only one that died.

Mother North, Buddy, Santa Claus… In that order.

Used 2 Arrows :bow_and_arrow:, 5 axes :axe: and 5 bombs :bow_and_arrow: , 4 dragons :dragon_face:


LJ was incredible important,
Chao>LiXiu here (but my Chao is at 1^01)

Don’t give up.


That last level is brutal. I lost twice already. Not even the almighty Proteus was able to help me :confused:

Carpet bomb

5 Arrows, 5 axe, 5 bomb, 5 dragon. Then the hp left is only 692 for Santa, 692 for Mother North, and 337 for Buddy. This does not even include the DoT from dragon.


5 Harpoon, 5 axe, 5 bomb, 5 dragon. This is basically insta-kill.


FWIW finished all challenges with Rigard, Proteus and a 3 stack of whatever colors were strong against the trash mobs. I just autoplayed until the final stage then cheesed the bosses with Proteus and mana pots. Below was my team on the Final advanced stage.

Edit: I didnt like the frozen tiles. The morlovia pumpkins Rewarded you by adding mana. These frozen tiles just slowed you down with no benefit whatsoever.


Oddly enough, I didn’t have much of an issue with my 4* team. Took them out with Wu Kong+6, Boldtusk +4, Melendor, Proteus +8, and Grimm +6.
Had Super pots that I never touched, time stops, dragon attacks, and torandos.
The trick, I think is slow and steady. Never used any thing till last stage then my team was fully charged and I fracking unleashed. Buddy was gone immediately and Santa and Mother North went down two combos later.

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I was able to shut them down with Proteus (+12). Buddy got one off near the end, but mainly because I didn’t want to spend the potion.

Proteus +12, Rigard +13, Boril, Gormek +11, Tarkak 3/70 (who died pretty early from a double hit). 3x mana and antidote

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For those who have BT, Falcon and Wilbur, take another two reds and go mono. In my case, the bosses were wiped out in 5-6 seconds on advanced mode. The secret is to let a monster in the corner in the previous stage and bring as many red tiles as possible on board. Kill the monster, fire Wilbur, Falcon and the other specials, unleash the red cascade, game over…


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