Santa vs Marjana as Tank in cw

Hi there,
I do need advice so i am asking forum members for help :slight_smile:
I have Santa on defence as center.
Delilah, Richard, Santa, Elkanen, Obakan.

Now i’ve got Marjana. Santa 7th talent, Marjana can get to 7th talent too. And i and my clanmates are strugling with desicion. Should i give Marjana def and hp talents and replace Santa? Or go attack for a mono red as a sniper.
Answers apreciated!

Santa is a far better tank then Marj for war, marj is a solid wing defender and should be given as much attack as possible as she lacks it as a sniper. I’d set up your defense as Oba - Del - Santa - Rich - Elk.


One point that I think @amessofamind is aware of here but that bears making explicit:

Richard and Santa both have an attack debuff status ailment as part of their special skill. However, the duration is different, and that has some implications for how they should be aligned (the % is the same, otherwise that’d be a factor too). Richard’s is SIX turns, Santa’s THREE.

Therefore, Richard would ideally be right of Santa. If they’re both going to fire on the same turn, you get the longer duration.


Thank you guys so much, never thought about richard position.

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I don’t have Santa in my roster but I have Marjana to 4/70. She’s pretty legit and if you go by Anchor from 7dd’s hero spreadsheet they are pretty equal as far as everything except for on offense when he rates Marjana an A and Santa a B. But Santa May play better off of Richard idk. Marjana is my only 5* red hero lol so I’m partial.

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Santa Claus already is a better tank than Marjana and with AoE attackers next to him he improves even more compared to her.


I have both maxed. Santa all the way for tank. Add some nice support heroes or snipers beside him and you’re opponents will definitely waste flags. You’ll likely get 1-shot with a Marjana tank.

If I met 2 identical teams in war with the only difference of a Marjana or Santa tank, Santa definitely gets my blue stack while I’m looking at Marjanas’ flanks and ignoring her.


Anchor is great, but that spreadsheet is out of date and was graded holistically - as a tank, Santa is top 10. Marg isn’t close.


Thanks all! Then it is settled, marjana gets more attack talents!

See this is why I consult the forum for help :joy:

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Aside from all mentioned points about Saint Nick > Marjana for tanking, their classes are also what further divides them.

Picture this: if I bring Tiburtus (neutral color) against one of these tanks and charge his skill, I wouldn’t be worried at all if Marjana tank evaded the damage, because following tile damage would still take her with her defense down (evade doesn’t ignore debuffs). But if Santa resists the lowered defense? That makes it difficult for me to take him out, let alone charge and try to cast again.


This is a valid point too.
Off topic. Was just re-listening Remy Ma “Shether”. Saint Nick reference. :slight_smile:

Santa definitely as a tank. Because mainly of his attack debuff. In CW if you cannot defeat them right away, then slowing them down is the better alternative.

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