Santa v Azlar v Khagan

Which one(s) to keep. Azlar is stuck waiting on final ascension. Santa is approaching final ascension and Khagan I just received.

Why not keeping all?

I might but which one is A-team quality and worth my attention on leveling up. Looking for pros and cons

Santa’s got the most buffs that makes him a good tank. Due to the non dispellable minions I think, he’s the best of them.

Azlar and Khagan are right behind and one could get both from tc20.

Is Khagan average mana or even fast? That’s always the second when not first most important thing for a hero.

Or are all of them slow?

Gravemaker isn’t very strong and doesn’t hit hard, but he fires so often, that he becomes hell on earth due to his very fast mana.

Kargan is slow mana … but he increases mana generation which makes him interesting and a great “situational” Hero, ie in the right combo he’s great but in the wrong combo… not so much.

But personally I would go with Santa.

Santa, for sure. If you ever came across him as tank. You would not hesistate to ascend him.

AKA Traggeter

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They are all slow so that is part of my problem
Thanx for the replies

khagan is by far the worst of those 3.

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Santa. Then azlar. Leave khagan alone

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