Santa tanks

Chasing interest for a new alliance using all Santa tanks and will call it the North Pole .
Anyone with a strong team fully committed and wants to have a crack at doing something different using the jolly man as a tank for wars join my chat group on ’ line ’ North Pole .


I am a fan already of this soon-to-be alliance (if it hasn’t yet been created). This will be a group to contend with and I believe it will be rocketing high in the rankings. Imagine 30 Santas tanking in the alliance war. The minions will be wrecking havoc. LOL. I have no Santa though. Sorry.

Bugger lol …will take a while to get all together I’m not going to start it until another has maxed santa and can help me promote others .
It would be pretty epic and I can’t say any alliance will have it most run with ursena,kunchen,aegir,Gwen ect…but in a war santa might be easy once to beat but not twice and looking at him maxed he can get to 1700 health or 942 shield

Sounds like fun! Sadly, I’m happily ensconced in my alliance. But if not, this jolly guy would gladly stop by :grin: Hopefully you find several others and make this work. He’s a Great War tank!

I will have a go as alot of people that have him don’t tank as it’s usually purple or yellow for tanks so hopefully I can get some bites :slight_smile:

Remember the North Pole :slight_smile:

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