Santa Tank Thoughts?

Hey everyone! I pulled Santa off a coin a couple weeks ago (there goes all my December luck), and I wanted to see if anyone who has had him long enough to form an opinion thinks he would make a decent tank as a hero outside of the event challenge.

I have Zim and Mitsuko at 3/70, and was looking to ascend one or the other. But I don’t have any solid 5* tanks with my roster. I currently run Caedmon (4/70), Joon (4/67), Kiril (4/70), Rigard (4/70), and Cohen (4/70).

The only other 5* I have sitting in my roster besides the ones listed above are Khiona, Elena, and Thorne.

I know Santa’s slow mana makes him a easy target, but I’m only in high platinum/low diamond, so he doesn’t have to be perfect. Also, it’s hard not to laugh at Santa being a serious character on a roster…

Please feel free to merge this topic if there’s another one going around with Santa alone as a tank. Thank you all so much in advance!

Zimkitha could do an ok job as tank as long as she is surrounded by fast attackers.

Mitsuko is a great tank, she could ruin your attacker’s plans if she fires, depending on his team composition.

Santa Claus could be your best tank but it could be easy to counter due to his speed by just bringing an attacking Kiril. It could help on your titan’s hits tough.

They are all viable tanks for your cups range :wink:

The whole reason I want to pull Santa is to be my tank. I have 10 rings waiting for the big guy but time is running out.

I was filling my chest yesterday and ran into a few Santas in the top 50. I thought it was odd and looked at the leaderboard and there were many in the top 100. I look again just now and don’t see any in the top (didn’t look at all).

I don’t see him topping Ares or GM even though his special is better than both. Its the slow mana speed that knocks him down. I am always glad to see a slow tank…or even an average speed tank that isn’t Guin.

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I see him occasionally while raiding.

I think he would be decent.

I don’t have anything that amounts to a tank. Lianna is my defensive tank currently.

Judging from my own experience with Zim, I don’t recommend her as tank, I tried her there once in war and I was torn apart many times. Mitsuko reflects only ice specials, not tiles, so apart from hear mana stealing ability and not much high damage she isn’t so fearful as Guin is. Santa’s speed isn’t that much of problem (2 tiles slower than average mana heroes, 1 with lvl17 mana troops), but as it was stated here, he also can be easily countered using Kiril. Nevertheless, Kiril is a 4* hero and he may not live long enough to be able to power up. In my opinion, he’s the best tank of those 3 heroes.


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