Santa’s Challenge / Winter Event 2019 start - end dates and schedule

Does anybody know for how long does the winter event take place?

We discuss in our alliance currently how it was last year… the real question behind it is simple:

Does the event cover the January, so we can save and use Hero token for pulling in the event the HotM January

It will likely run into the first few days of January. It did last year.
Conflicting reports of whether it finished Jan 5 or Jan 6, but either way-- I pulled Onatel during xmas last year, so I can personally verify it was during Xmas event, but in the month of January.

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I thought that as well bit the calendar says something strange. Maybe the calendar was shorter than the event which is pretty unlikely compared to other spring events

Calendar 2018???

Calendar 2017???

Calendar 2019

Edit: calendar 2019 added

There was a calendar in 2017, but no event yet.

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I asked the Small Giant Staff about this, and they said they’ll get back to me about it next week.


Moderator’s Note

I asked the Small Giant Staff about the planned dates for the Santa’s Challenge Seasonal Event, and got back an answer:

The event is planned to run December 1 08:00 UTC through January 4.

The Offers Calendar is scheduled to run only from December 1 through 31 — so the Event itself will extend beyond the Offers Calendar.

As the Event is planned to run into January, both the December HOTM (Grimble) and January HOTM (Vela) are expected to be available during the course of the Seasonal Summons.

Please note that as with all event dates, these are subject to change.



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Do you have any idea how long the Christmas event will last? . Will it arrive until January as last year?

@francismarin66 I moved your question to a thread that can help answer it. :slight_smile:

My post a couple above yours has the details.

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Any chance that Neith will still be around for the Santa’s Challenge? Not sure when the events starts vs when the HotM changes…

No chance as far as I can tell

Does anyone know when the Christmas event will begin

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Yes, please see this post: Santa’s Challenge / Winter Event 2019 start - end dates and schedule


There will be a new thread concerning Santa’s challenge : details, calendar with offers, stages, heroes, … pulls also :smiley:?

Does anyone know what time Santa’s challenge starts here eastern standard time?

3AM EST, 2AM CST is the kickoff.

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Awesome. Thank you!!

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