Santa’s challenge 2020 -- Starts Dec 01

It seemingly appears that ever topic I created soon gets deleted afterwards. But not before helpful advice gets relayed. So once again I will attempt this and ask a question which I hope keeps open for everyone’s help.

Way too early for even way too early beta predictions… but has there been any info in beta regarding new Santa’s challenge 2020 heroes or challenge event?? Thanks again E&p

Nope. I’d expect that in maybe… Another week or two?

It may be by reason that your thread was closed after the same was merged to an already existing thread having the same topic (so, use the search option of this forum), or that the thread was closed 30 days after the last forum-user posted something. To check the status of your previous posts you have created, you can go to your forum account’s Summary or Activity under the Preference tab found by tapping your user icon on the upper-right corner.

You yourself answered this question. WAAAYYYY tooooooo EEEAAARRRRLLLLYYYYYYY. But keep on hoping. Our tireless moderators, forum contributors and some beta-testers will immediately post something on that matter once it is available in beta. As they say, patience is a virtue. :blush:

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You can stay abrest with Beta content by subscribing or checking out the #beta-beat threads.

You can set that entire category to “watching first post” so you get a notification when a new Beta-beat thread is created. Simply click the hash-tag, find the “bell” icon & change it from “normal” to “watching first post”


While there isn’t any news on Santa’s challenge 2020 or the heroes, I would assume that they will receive an update this year as the previous two, and now the third seasonal event is getting an update!

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Dear @Guvnor , is the exact start date of Santa’s challenge already known? Or some preliminary information about the date? :pray:

Last year it started on December 1st. Also, as far as I can remember, it started on same date two years ago.

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This year, the developers have put things in order in the calendar. Suddenly something changed. I’m not making a graphic calendar, but a video calendar, and I won’t be able to make changes to it later. So I wanted to clarify, just in case. So as not to mislead thousands of viewers ))))

Don’t worry, I’m sure Santa has a sack full of hero nerfs and is ready to pour them liberally over all the OP heroes in the game.

Merry Christmas!

Still no.

Will update this thread when infos is known.

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Moderator Note

The start date for the 2020 Santa’s Challenge is the 1st of December.

I have made the 2020 Guide/ Discussion thread so with that, I shall close this thread up.


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