Santa or Ursena both on same defense team?

I have a fast 5* red hero shortage, the only 5* heroes I have are slow: Azlar, Khagan, and Santa). I have Ursena emblemed and she is my current tank. Does it make sense to level up Santa, make him the tank and place Ursena in the flank? I can also put Santa in the flank and keep Ursena as tank. Do both of them belong in the defense team together or only one of them?

Depend on other heroes in defense…
You can use Santa as Tank and Ursena as flank, and see what the result in a week, and compare.

What should I be comparing to? As a stand-alone test it is not going to be a very good one if I place a 3.70 Santa in the defense team :grin: - my team will get clobbered, and I don’t want to give him the rings only to find out it’s a bad combination.

yes you are correct, I mean Santa should be maxed 1st if you would try it. :sunglasses:
I give up then… just wait someone who already have Santa maxed, or more experienced player that already meet so many Santa in raid/war.
I rarely face Santa in raid/war. Not too scary, but decent tank. And never face Santa as flank.

It really comes down to the question whether it is better to have two strong defensive heroes, two tanks essentially, one in the center and one in the flank… or one strong tank and a different role for the other flank position (sniper or healer). I’ve seen teams in the top 100 with Ursena and BK

I’ve seen Ursena in the flank and tank positions. She works OK in the flank position, definitely better in the tank spot though. If you were to check the top tanks on TitanMafia site, you’ll see Ursena is #1 tank in the game right now, so moving her out of that position will work against you.

That said, Santa is a decent tank and if he’s going to be on your defense team, tank spot would be the best place for him. I think you’ll be OK with Ursena in the flank position, but don’t be surprised if you’re score drops a bit. Having a slow hero in the tank spot gives the enemy more time to clear tiles and charge up their heroes. The extra time means they’ll probably focus Ursena first (depending on the situation) – or even worse, reflect the damage (i.e Boril, Elena, etc.) :wink:

I was thinking to keep Ursena in the tank and place Santa in the flank. Ursena has more chance to fire first, then Santa.

Do you have another 5* yellow hero? Nothing wrong with Ursena in the tank spot and a yellow flank on each side. If it were me, I’d probably hold off on Santa and emblem up Azlar and put him in the flank spot. If he manages to fire along with Ursena… that’s GG! That could be very deadly… your other three spots need to be heroes that can keep them alive :slight_smile:

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I have Vivica which I have the mats for. Hoping to get a fast yellow in the next month, otherwise she gets them.

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