Santa or Tyr for tank?

Hello all I have Odin and Frigg and I’m trying to
Decide on a red tank

Tyr, Santa, or something by else for tank
  • Tyr
  • Santa
  • Something else

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The main goal is who is best for raid and war defense!

I voted assuming your alliance is running Red Tanks and this you have to choose a Red. Also assumed that Tyr and Santa were your 2 best 5 star options. BK is the only real Red Tank of choice.

Red Tanks aren’t as popular for a couple reasons. One being lack of good options. But also because Blue is such a tough color abd most people have many strong options in Blue to counter a Red Tank.

But Santa is ur best option especially if you put Odin at Flank. He will boost the mana gen of your defense and help Santa power up quicker.

Although Tyr can be a pain because of his resurrection Buff. But he’s very easy to kill using tiles.


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