Santa or Richard for Tank?

I’ve been using Richard (+11) as my tank for some time but recently acquired Santa, and just got him on his final ascension. Richard works well with my team because he’s my only 5* paladin and maxed blue. Joon (+11) is also my current resident monk.

Here is my current 5* roster (maxed (soon to be for Santa))

Captain Kestrel, Anzogh, Santa
Kingston, Lianna
Joon, Vivica

I currently run L-R as my defence:
Sartana (+11), Kestrel (+11), Richard (+11), Kingston (+7), Joon (+11)

Other 5* that I have the AMs to max but have been holding off on include:

Elkenan, Horghall (with costume), Thorne, Azlar, Justice, Leonidas, Dominita, Obakan, Margaret, Grimble.

Is there a better defence combination I could be running? I know I don’t have a healer currently.

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Either or will service. I would run some experiments & see which gives more wins/losses

For the Richard defence I’d say you pretty well have the right combo. I would suggest a small alteration:

  • Kestrel -> Kingston -> Richard -> Joon -> Sartana

Mainly to keep the Yellow/purple benefits next to each other. Also Joon’s blind is better to fire first than Sartana’s DoT.

For the Santa defence maybe:

  • Kingston -> Richard -> Santa -> Joon -> Sartana

Not the best blue to be in flank but you don’t really have an alternative. You could double up on a second colour but I don’t think any would really have the benefits to out-weigh the colour stacking.

To answer the final question, I would say you’ve pretty well picked the best ones to ascend & utilise.


I would advise you Santa Claus because he has a very good resistance, and thanks to his invocations of minion, that adds “defense” if I can say.

Its reduction in attack and defense is not negligible at all at the same time. If it is positioned in a tank and your heroes have had time to charge, this could change the fate of your fight.

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I’ll also add that I PERSONALLY think that Richard is the better tank for normal applications.

Santa’s damage is pretty small & is at Slow Mana compared to Richard’s Average. Added to that Richard is Paladin Class which naturally beefs up Tanks more…

Santa however is IMO better in most of the tournament modes.

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Santa is a very good tank and will serve you well in the buff and rush raid tournaments. I agree with @Guvnor about the positioning of a Santa defence

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In my honest opinion. Both heroes make good tanks. But my preference is Richard.

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Thanks @Guvnor @Killen-time @JGE & @Saw for sharing your thoughts, appreciate all of you taking the time to reply! I will keep Richard as my tank for now maybe until I get a few more options to play around with. I spend very little, so I’m picky with who I choose to ascend. I want to try Santa on my defense team but I’m not quite ready to strip Joon of his monk emblems, and I think he would need to be more beefy these days with all the emblemed heroes out there. Thanks again!


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