Santa or Onatel, with or zimkitha or drake?

I just got santa and Onatel and was wondering who would make the better tank?
Onatel tank instead of drake or Santa as tank instead of Zimkitha?

For purple I could also put in Sartana, but i feel Victor is better with his defence buff and very fast mana…

Here is a screen shot of my current team that would help for my question.

Onatel as tank. She forces a purple stack just like Guin. So just pair her up properly.

Santa is just meh.

Zim is not bad but better for left wing.

Drake is solid but more of a flanker/wing type hero.

The more I play against Victor, the more I find him less useful. Its just me.
Victor is better on offense IMO.

All said, what are you looking for? Defense I assume.
For offense, I strongly suggest Zim. Highly useful in most situations. :wink:

And for my latest trolling, I would suggest you give Kashrek a try at tank. :stuck_out_tongue:


Pfft! Just because you took #1 global for a whole 2 seconds. :rofl:


Not really. It’s just that Kashrek is holding me at 2600 cups. Same as any other 5* hero. Razor can be testify for it. :joy:


I’m going to try this for a while on defence just to see how my cups go but i seem to always hang around the low 2600 to high 2500 no matter what i try to do.
Once Onatel is up she will tank

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Hey !

I have santa too ! but ubfortunately it’s my 3rd red 5star:<
Have: Natalya, Kong Guardian and Santa and NO IDEA what to lvl up to max … Any help ?

Santa for me but Natalya is still a fine choice

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Thanx !. ill go with natalya she is more tech i guess

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