Santa issues with anyone?

I was wondering if any one else in the game has had any issues with santa. We had an alliance member draw santa. When they went to start leveling santa (immediately) they noticed santa was not in their roster. So i told them to send a message to sg and they would make it right as they were good people.

Well sg responded saying they could see santa was deposited to her account. She sent the email to our alliance chat.

Ive seen said emails from sg. That message was sent on dec 5. On dec 7 she got another message stating that their records now show she never summoned santa and that if it were a known issue many other people would be seeing the same issue. So she must not have received santa and she was out of luck.

They asked if she had multiple accounts which she responded that she hadnt.

I feel sg admitting seeing santa was deposited to her account but then coning back and saying she hadnt summoned him and that they would not give her a santa is completely wrong.

Im trying to help her right a wrong with sg so i was wondering if anyone else has had this problem? I feel sg made a huge mistake in this case. They cannot say their gamer records show santa being deposited and then Recant two days later and say that santa was not summoned according to game records. These emails alone from sg show they made a massive mistake. Am i wrong?

I can also post the enails from J.o here if thst is in question. I just dont want to start a fight. I just feel that is not fair in any sense.

I am willing to test it myself. I have a 1-1 Santa I wouldn’t mind risking. A couple of questions first.

Is Santa the only Christmas hero they pulled?

When you say leveling, was it after the first feeding or first ascension?

You might want to tag a mod :slight_smile:

Posting private communications from staff is a violation of Forum Rules. Please don’t.

I just checked with someone who I knew drew Santa Claus from a token; Santa’s still in that roster.

Maybe they fed Santa away by accident? It’s more common than it sounds. I didn’t believe that was a real thing either but I’ve fed things away I didn’t mean to when I was half asleep.

I was going to also suggest that maybe the person didn’t “lock” santa right away and accidentally fed him away.

The very first thing I do when I get a valuable hero is lock them.


My initial thought as well, except according to the OP SG says that she never even summoned Santa…so something is off if they are saying that.

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but they contradicted themselves, first they say he was deposited to her account then they said he was never summoned.

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My general question is: can Small Giant see every single summon of every single person?
If yes, all the summons or there’s some time limit or quantity limit?

Just asking out of curiosity.
Knowing it may help for this problem and eventually other as well.

I do not tag any of the staff because i think people use that resource way too much.

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That is correct. First he was deposited. Then 2 days later they are saying santa was never summoned. I saw the emails and it was from j.o which is who things like that come from. This girl wouldnt know all that. I was of the frame of mind as you guys. I though she fed santa away. But after seeing the emails it is the contradiction of all contradictions. I just feel that in itself should award her santa. Heck im not even a fan of santa as i dont think hes that great. But a pull is a pull. I would simply like sg to explain how santa was deposited to her account yet she didnt summon him???

Unless there is a missing email where j.o just took her word and gave her one then reviewed later???

I dunno but im worried about drawing a legendary and not getting them now so i screen record all my pulls.

I was simply wanting to bring this up to see if there are any other cases of this sort in order to determine if there is a small bug somehow. Weve had several members draw santa with no issues. Only issues i know of is that i drew 2 evelyns in one pull. Lol i feel a little guilty

I have not tagged staff as well. I feel if there were many others with this issue happening it would show up in volume and the data could drive. I still feel they are fair. Just waiting to see if others have had this problem. I totally agree with you @Elpis

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I doubt anyone here knows. My total guess is they can, and that they keep the info for a long time. Not for support tickets, but because it would give them a huge amount of data to do analytics against to determine all kinds things, like buying behaviors. It actually wouldn’t take too much storage to do this, and the payoff would be well worth it.


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