Santa Claus vs. Elena

My C2P alt managed to pull Santa Claus from a stray hero token. He also pulled Elena from TC20.

Relevant roster:

  • Red: 4/80 Marjana; 3/70 Boldtusk, Colen, Kelile, Falcon; 3/60 Scarlett, Keilie
  • Green: 4/80 Morgan; 3/70 Caedmon, Hansel, Melendor
  • Blue: 4/70 Kiril, Grimm, Sonya, Boril; 3/60 Sonya
  • Yellow: 4/80 Justice; 3/70 Jackal, Chao, Danzaburo, Wu Kong, Hu Tao
  • Purple: 4/80 Obakan; 3/70 Proteus, Sabina, Rigard, Tibertus

Alt’s alliance usually runs red war tanks, so I definitely want an upgrade in that role from Marjana. Santa seems like the right choice. Anyone care to champion Elena in that role?

Not really, 20 characters.

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I think Santa takes the lead on this one.

Santa help you also on titans.
Elena is less good of Isarnia and Azlar as tank, and you just need a sonya to be totally sure to not smash against her.



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