Santa Claus Quest event was not working

In the Quest Santa Claus, Normal, at stage-19 progress is stopped and this stage was not opening, displaying as connection error since 24 hrs. Other quest events are working normally

Did you upgrade to version 34 ?

I finish it so can not check

Yes I am Upgraded the version 6 days back (12th December 2020 Evening ). I tried once again on 17/12/2020 evening, it was open and since yesterday it is working

This is very unfortunate and rediculos that E & P considering feedback only from So Called moderators only, they are notconsidering other players feed back, I would like to attach a screenshot and screen Recorder as a proof about my complaint, but forum is disabled me from sending screen shot and screen recorder. As per my knowledge this was initiated by @Guvnor , they don’t want to know the truth

Ouch!! That is below the belt, mate. Moderators are also like us players. They are not in some way connected with Small Giant and Zynga as a staff or employee. They are offering voluntary work to make our little community here neat and orderly. Of course, by nature of their voluntary moderator work, it is logical that they should have direct communication with SG staff. But that doesn’t mean that they are a selfish bunch. They have contributed so much in the community, sacrificing some of their times supposedly devoted to family, loved ones, friends, work, real life and even their game time just to share something in the forum.

While I may tend to agree on this, but this game has survived since 2017 and rather getting stronger and I see no actual evidence of its decline since they are new contents so much so it is drowning casual players who try to be competitive, but not those avid players who welcome those new contents and are rewarded for their active play. As mentioned in several threads here, comments and inputs of beta testers went unheeded. But Small Giants must have some other information based on their metrics obtained, causing them to ignore players’ woes. Remember, forum users are just a teeny bit fraction of the entire player base. What may be the popular opinion here MAY not be the same sentiment of the broader player base who are not in this forum.

May I know how you would exactly do that? I have posted several screenshots here without a hitch. I have also posted videos here and it only takes you to upload such video clip to YouTube before you can make it in this forum. If you have some issues or complaints, please file a support ticket that can be accessed directly from the game itself. Dunno if it still works though.

Oh, man. That is really foul. Do you have evidence of this accusation? That is a serious one, dude. I won’t be surprised if your account gets suspended.

EDIT: Instead of you expressing tinfoil hat theories and conspiracies, why not try to be civil and seek players suggested solutions and alternatives. Instead of accusing certain moderators or SG about some half-baked plots and its twists and turns, you could have befriended them. I am sure they will be appreciative to lend a hand or two.

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I do not know if mods can do that, disabling a feature a forum user of certain level can mostly do. Or are you referring to a different original account here in the forum which, for some reason, may have been banned here. If they did, then you must have done something violative of the forum rules. As far as I know, our moderators here are players like us and has the same experience and disappointments we experience every time we play this game. They are fair and level minded people.

Just curious though. Can you post a screenshot here in this thread? Also please walk us through the process and maybe I will be able to discern which you might have done differently for you to be able to upload screenshot and video clips.

And kindly search here for how to file a support ticket. I am on my phone and it’s more tricky linking things using your mobile device.

The Forum software doesn’t support video uploads.

If you have a video to post, you’ll need to upload it to another service first, like YouTube.

You can post still image screenshots directly to the Forum, though.


The Forum Software itself doesn’t support the uploading of video files. You can upload it to a video hosting platform & then link it across if you wish. Platforms include Youtube, Google Drive, Vimo etc…

The software that SGG use is a third party set-up called “Discourse”. You can google it & learn more about it if you so chose.

Screenshots can be uploaded directly to your post. On a web-browser on a computer you can “drag and drop” it into your comment. On mobile (or computer) you can attach/upload the picture using this icon:


The same once again expressing, adding screen shots are disabled from my account because the icon you expressed is removed, with out having icon how I can post screen shot

The same bug now preventing me, playing from raid Tournaments, when ever I am trying to play raid tournament, immediately displaying as ‘connection error’

Could it be that you are accessing the forum using app without giving permission to access your gallery?

Nb: the staff are on holiday.

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Also, Community forum not allow me to add Screen shots the reason is not known. If they allow, then only I can able present the problems, This is highly rediculos that without opening the door, asking to come inside

What about try it using another device?

It is true that screenshoot cannot be taken. I don’t know since when it is blocked.


But I can post this:

Now, can you explain why you are not able to upload screenshots then? As @yelnats_24 has pointed out, try using a different device, i.e. a different computer or a different phone as it may have been disabled on the mobile unit you are currently using without anyone’s fault and going to its settings is a pain (for me).

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Does the constant decline of the player base size fit that description?

Lol. Do you have English translation to that or even a link so that we can verify its source and the veracity of the information contained therein? As far as I can translate, it only points out to the reduced playtime made by the player (on the bar graph) and the reduction of (Samsung?) Galaxy phone owners playing this game (on the line graph). I may be wrong. But it still does not amount to the quantum of evidence necessary to definitely declare that there is a decline of the playerbase in E&P.

Well, maybe this conversation should be moved to the thread you created few days ago…

Btw, how do you get that graph? All I know is the rating is steadily declining.

What happened to that thread?

Your trust level on the forum is sufficient to post your pictures.

If you’re on a mobile device the button moves slightly:

As far as I am aware, there is no means to disable the “button” to upload images.


The decline is constant over the last 32 weeks shown by the graph. Of course, that referes to samsug owners alone, monitored by the Game launcher Samsung app, and I have no clue what the numbers exactly stand for, but the general trend is clear as daylight, no matter what device you use. Unless there’s a super secret Samsung owners conspiracy to gradually stop playing E&P which I highly doubt. If the Samsung owners numbers costantly went down over such a long period of time, I guess is safe to say that’s the general trend. My personal reduced playtime has nothing to do with it. But it clearly states my slowly fading interest towards the game. One year ago, my personal average playtime was tottaly different and the player base curve was ascending, not descending. Like it or not, there’s decline in all the aspects of the game, from the release of highly unballanced heroes to the overcrowding of the events/quests schedulle. This used to be a friendly game towards both paying and not paying costumers and the piramid had a solid base of free and low budget player and a sharp peak sustained by whales, providing ballance. Now the scales have twisted so hard towards favoring the big spenders, by allowing them access to heroes that make the older ones look like clowns and on the other hand, providing nothing new for the free and low spenders. Ok, we have new powerfull heroes, overpowered next to the old S1 cards and that’s fine, those who spend money should be rewarded accordingly. Except there is no boost granted to the rest of the player base, no real chance for them to update their rosters, as to create at least the illusion that they’re still in the game. No new free heroes from TC20, no real chance to get at least the costumes needed to keep the S1 heroes in the game. SG introduced the costumes, waw, great, except those who really need the costumes stand no chance of getting them. Those with Frigg, Odin, ninjas, Finley, Jabber, Killhare and co on their rosters, don’t really need S1 costumes, they get them just for show. That’s stupid… Anyway, what’s keeping the old gen HOTM and the S2 heroes out of TC20? Nobody in their right mind is summoning with gems in Atlantis, currently with the S3 heroes available. Why not bring them in TC20 and bring back ballance to the game. Greed is the answer I guess… Zynga invested lots of money in a game that had reached it’s peak by the time they bought it and now they’re trying to squeese every last penny from a declining game. Quite a shame, it was a good thing, killed by human greed, just as many other things in this world…

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