Santa Claus or Zimkitha?

So, I got my sixth set of rings finally to ascend either Zimmy or Santa.
Problem is, I can’t decide which to choose. Both are sitting at 3/70 and I’ve been playing around them a bit.
As far as fitting into my lineup, they both have pros and cons, Zimmy being fast charging and cleansing friendlies, while Santa is slower but debuffs the enemies and acts as a “pseudo-healer” with the minions.

So… halp plox?

Zimikitha is the only 1 special unique hero that has fast cleansing power, meanwhile santas’s abilities can be obtain from another hero color, and santa is slow mana too. Therefore between those 2 i give my vote to un santa

@Tirri maybe it helps if you ask yourself what you need more…
Zimkitha increase your damage beeside cleansing power
Santa reduce attack and defense of the enemy

If you have in your team good attack reducer like Zeline and good defense reducer like Isarnia or Athena than maybe better Zimkitha to push. If you dont have this than maybe better Santa to push

What are you thinking you would use Santa for? With slow mana he is mostly useless for raids and titans. Zim can be used everywhere and has a fast cleanse. Not much of a debate in my mind unless you need a tank and don’t have anyone better than Santa

Thanks for the replies thus far. The reason why Im debating it is because while Zimmy gives a fast cleanse, her attack buff is sorta wasted due to Kiril and Khiona while I have no real debuffers (i do have a maxed Tiburtus, Grimm and Scarlett tho)
Basically my compositions are slightly awkward
Green: Melendor/Kasshrek/Evelyn
Yellow: Gretel/Wu Kong/Chao
Blue: Kiril/Sonya/Grimm
Purple: Khiona/Tiburtus
Red: Zimmy/Santa/Boldtusk/Sumitomo/Scarlett

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