Santa Claus or Gravemaker?

Who should I give my rings to? SC or GM?

It really depends on which other heroes you have in your roster and if you need a red tank etc etc
But at face value it has to be Gravemaker
Whichever hero you choose good luck


In a nutshell GM for sure
A lot more versatile

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Santa, bruh.
I’m a fanboy though.


Off the top of my head, the only reds in the game I’d pick over Gravemaker are Garnet and the Black Knight. Gravemaker is easily one of the game’s best reds! Congratulations on pulling him!

I recommend Gravemaker without even asking first who else you have or what job you need filled. He’s that good. He also might get even more valuable soon. Formation changes are coming to the game, and in the future, he may be able to hit an enemy’s entire team in a raid because everyone will be right next to the center hero.


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