🦹‍♂ Sanngrior – 4* Ice/ Blue from League of Villains

I pulled her too, still level her to see for the sake of having her. Maybe in a attack team in events against greens , just to have an healer . Gives more healing than Kiril. Allthough he gives to all. Just a kind of C rated hero that you might use occasionally. On the other hand … new players would love to pull her.

She is the only event 4 star I’ve received, and am really close to just feeding her away. I think if I was still building a roster going from 3 stars to 4stars I would use her, but my biggest levelling regret in the game has been Kashrek who just hasn’t aged well. Think just now might have 10 blues I’d level before her in my roster. Can anyone think of a reason to keep?


At first I was afraid, I was petrified
Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side
But then I spent so many money thinking how they did me wrong
And I grew strong
And I learned how to get along
And so you’re back
With this rubbish hero

I use it with Boril in attacks.
It’s the same color and goes well with counterattacks.

Pulled her with free coins and was really disappointed.
I have a maxed kashrek, but after a certain point he just became useless, and there are so many better healers out there.
After receiving the blue kashrek clone I was just so close :pinching_hand: to feeding her away.
But I’m a little collector, so she will sit beside boomer waiting for eternity.


Still the usable during tournaments. :wink:


Got her. I imagine she can be useful in 4* RT with unrestricted colors (since her main gimmick is to limit green damage) and with unrestricted healing. In the end she is blue Kash with higher stats, and even base Kash is still serviceable tank even without costume. But if you have Krampus or sth, she won’t see much use.

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I was just reading how Kashrek is useless, but I used him so many times in tournament defence, got As almost always, he finds his place in war as a secondary healer most of the time… In rush attack his costume is awesome. I guess this girl could do the same/similar. :slight_smile:

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Yup. I love Kashrek.


I always read on this forum since ever that Kashhrek is meh but in game I’ve met plenty of them as tanks. Even these days I see them in war occasionally, even without costume. I don’t like using him on offense but on defense he can be annoying. I guess Sang will be the same deal.

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Kashrek with costume is a great hero, and if she would have been like that I would probably have maxed her instantly.
But I don’t see anywhere I would take her with me. For war depth I don’t really need a heal 3 hero, I have brynhild mostly for her mana speed up, but the rest of the time I will use a hero who heals the whole team. The element protection on offense is most of the time useless when you face rainbow defenses.

Remain 4* tournaments.
No heal tournament she isn’t a great idea.

Rush I will always use slow heroes, in blue I tried frank and jott, both worked great as tank and most of the time without any healer on defense or maybe gulli if yellow is allowed. On offense I will use someone who heals the whole team.

Buff booster is the only one that she would have some value, but there is one problem. If green is allowed I will always use brynhild as my tank, 3 buffs and fast heal is much better than 1 buff at average. If green isn’t allowed blue would be the logical choice, but sanngrior loses her advantage with the protection against green. In that situation a kiril will do just fine if I want to use a healer tank, also average and one buff more and for the whole team not 3.

after reading post bout 4 star villain heroes, i just fed sangrior and ingolf to dark lord, i think just better to keep skrekok and Edd (unique name)…

Even SG knew Sanngrior is so bad, she only appeared once in the second stage

That hero is absolutely useless almost everywhere because for tournaments is a hiler only for 3 heros including her and the wings are uncovered and in raids is not better than Kashreck. Whatever they do as I can saw they have no more ideas to create original hero thats to worth summon for it


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