Sandbox mode (free or cheap)

It would be nice if you could test your configuration on different titans/teams…

*Sandbox mode titans

  • Sandbox mode against defensive teams
  • Sandbox mode against offensive teams
  • Sandbox mode against teams with different strength
  • Sandbox mode fight against your alliance members

This way you could test certain things for your team.
Further on (maybe you have to pay some food to get in or it’s totally free) this can keep the annoyance/boring away when you’re waiting for another leveling or …

Especially you could make changes on positions of your heroes and test what difference it makes. Should be very fun if something like that could be build in. :smiley:


Probably a development nightmare to implement, but I love the idea. Would be super useful for testing. Maybe make the sandbaox only available to VIP to help offset cost of implementation?

Maybe they can make it so you can create two teams with your own heroes and pit them against each other.

I think this would be excellent for beginners and developing players.

Test your heroes against others and choose which suits you best :smiley:

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