Sandbox for PvP

What about to create a sandbox for training battles between members of an alliance?

It would be great to have an arena where you can battle against your allies to learn about the behavior of heroes, develop new strategies and so on.

Add a way that someone in an alliance can search for a training partner and someone else (or more than one) can accept.

Let us decide whether it’s an autoplay opponent (like PvP) or an live interactive battle.

I know you’ll think about the costs (ingame and for real development) but also think about to keep the game attractive.

About ingame costs… I think 3 worldenergy might be s good price. Alternatively you could use the loot tickets (or something equivalent)

I love the idea!
That would really be great!

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This is a great idea. It can all be done within the alliance. There would be no cup gain or loss, but would allow us to see what kind of strategy works and what kind do not. It would add not only a great element to the game from a play point of view, but would greatly add to alliance synergy.

As to monetizing this (we all know that bottom line rules all), you could do so with energy or add a new element (such as loot tickets, perhaps sparring tickets?) that can be bought/earned/gained through gameplay.


I support this idea. It would allow us to stay on game longer while world energy refills. In between Titans and war.