Sand event

Is the upcoming sand event gems only or is it going to be under the epic summon chamber ? I’m saying this because I have a some saved epic hero tokens and just did a elemental chest and got 4 epic hero tokens which I rarely even get 1 but got 4 just now and was like I must of a got a glitched reward but anyways will the sand event take epic hero tokens ? Thanks for the info if responsed

Seasonal events, such as Sand Empire, allow you to use epic hero tokens :blush:


Awesome thanks jonah


Песочного события не жду, там нет Телурии…все остальные не нужны…

Holy crap…?

Sorry, off topic… but seriously, I need to know… how the hell did you pull that? Did you sacrifice a goat or something? Lucky pair of underwear?


Yeah I thought 3 was da maximum. Then again I did pull 2 costume keys once from a green chest and I was wondering how that happened too lol

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About a week or so ago, IIRC, one of my accounts (can’t remember if it was main or an alt) pulled something insane like 3 costume keys from a Mystic Vision of all things. :open_mouth:


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